School of Biology and Environmental Engineering
The School of Biology and Environmental Engineering Won the Second Prize of the 2019 China General Chamber of Commerce Science and Technology Award
Fri, Dec 27 2019 18:21 times

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology of China officially announced the list of projects approved for the 2019 National Key Research and Development Program (Key Special Projects for Intergovernmental Cooperation in International Science, Technology and Innovation). The “Research and Development of New Technology for VOCs Governance Based on New-type Bioreactors” (Project No.: 2018YFE0120300), which was presided over by Professor Chen Jun of our school,got approved. The project was jointly funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the Science and Technology Commission of Belarus.This is the first time that our school has undertaken a national key research and development project as the responsible department, which lays a foundation for further improving the school's scientific research level and in-depth international exchanges and cooperation in the future.

In regards of the pollution control of multi-component waste gas, including halogenated hydrocarbon, amides and ethers,with significant odor characteristics in the pharmaceutical industry, the project is aimed at developing high-efficiency biological purification technologyformulti-component refractory VOCs waste gaswith independent intellectual property rights to achieve simultaneous and efficient removal ofmulti-component waste gas, and provide technical support for solving the bottle neck of the application of biological purification of VOCs in the pharmaceutical industry, and promote the development of related industries in China and Belarus.The project team has young and middle-aged teachers from the School of Biological and Environmental Engineering of our school as the research backbone. At the same time, it has cooperated with the scholars from Belarusian State University and Zhejiang University of Technology to form a multidisciplinary research team, which owns solid research foundation. Additionally, the research content is of strong innovation potential, it is expected for this project to obtain high-quality research achievements.

As a part of the National Key Research and Development Program, the Key Special Projects for Intergovernmental Cooperation in International Science, Technology and Innovation aims to support various international scientific and technological innovation cooperation and exchange projects conducted under the framework of relevant intergovernmental agreements signed between our country and other countries, regions, international organizations and multilateral mechanisms. For the major issues and common challenges between governments, spear headed by the exchange and cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, this program is established to improve and strengthen capacity building, and to promote and solve related problems jointly by centering on interconnection and exchanges and other kinds of science and technology for people's livelihood.