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The Opening Ceremony of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School 2018 Held Successfully
Thu, Sep 27 2018 17:44 times

On the morning of September 25, the opening ceremony for the freshmen of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School of Zhejiang Shuren University enrolled in 2018 was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of Kuaijishan Shaoxing WineCompany. Freshmen of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School enrolled in 2018 attended the opening ceremony.There were also the leaders of the university and enterprises, including Xia Qing, Director of the Academic Affairs Office of Zhejiang Shuren University, Lu Yin, Dean of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School, Jin Jianshun, Chairman of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd.,and Fu Zukang, Chairman of the Council of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School and General Manager of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. attending the opening ceremony.The meeting was presided over by Jin Jianchang, Deputy Dean of the School of Biologyand Environmental Engineering.

At the opening ceremony, Chairman Fu Zukang and Dean Lu Yin of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School delivered speeches on behalf of the enterprise and the school respectively.Mr.Fu affirmed the significance of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School and raised high expectations for new students to jointly promote the development of the rice wine industry in the future and make contributions to the inheritance and development of China's rice wine industry. Dean Lu said that the students of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School have a golden name card, and hoped that the students love the company and themselves, and become self-confident and successful in society.The student representatives enrolled in 2017 made speeches about their feelings and thoughts about the internship in enterprises, expressed their determination and confidence to apply what they have learned and strive to learn strong skills, and encouraged the freshmen to continue to move forward. In warm applause, General Manager Fu Zukang signed the agreement on the oriented training for talents on behalf of the company with representatives of the freshmen enrolled in 2018. Both the school and the enterprise have agreed that they would cooperate with each other sincerely, make joint efforts and complement each other's advantages, and jointly train students to become outstanding graduates of the school and the outstanding talents needed by the enterprise. Later, the teachers and students visited the exhibition hall of Shaoxing Rice Wine Town and experienced the profound Shaoxing rice wine culture with thousand years of history and the charm of the century-old brand of Kuaijishan through heritage and innovation.

Although the opening ceremony ended successfully, the students of the Shaoxing Rice Wine Schoolenrolled in 2018 have just started their rice wine study. In the next few years, they will study hard in Shaoxing, the important rice wine town and on the campus of Shuda University, and strive to win the title of rice wine craftsman as soon as possible!