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​The Unveiling Ceremony of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School Held in Our University
Fri, Apr 21 2017 16:48 times

On the morning of April 19, the unveiling ceremony of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School was held on the Yangxunqiao campus in Shaoxing. The government leaders, including Chen Jiayuan, Former Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial CPPCC Party Group, and the Chairman of Zhejiang Shuren University, Chen Qirong, Former Vice Chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, Wang Xifa, Deputy Secretary-General of the Provincial CPPCC Committee, Director-General of the General Office, and Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Shuren University, and Liu Weilong, Deputy Director of the Textile and Light Industry Office of the Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, Zhang Gucheng, Secretary General of the Provincial Association of the Wine Industry, and Zhu Jingzhi, Deputy Governor of Keqiao District People’s Government, and the guests from commercial circles, including Jin Liangshun, Chairman of the Board of Jinggong Group, Jin Jianshun, Chairman of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd., and the leaders of the university, including President Xu Xuqing, and Zhang Qing, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, attended this unveiling ceremony. The attendees from the departments (schools) of our university, and relevant staff of Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd. and major media gathered in the academic lecture hall of the new campus.

Chen Jiayuan indicated that the construction of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School is a brave move. Both parties promote school-enterprise cooperation to cultivate urgently needed talents through a new mechanism. This is good for the development of both enterprise and school. This cooperation process can be regarded as the construction of the school and industry cooperation. He compared the establishment of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School as the process of brewing rice wine. Before signing the agreement, both parties chose partners, which is just like the "material selection for brewing", and the support of Shaoxing and Keqiao District Governments and other party committees at all levels was to "add ingredients." And then, both school and enterprises made every effort to "ferment", cultivate carefully, and then "filter and squeeze", to extract the most necessary and advantageous consensus for cooperation between both sides, and produce the jar of rice wine: the "Shaoxing Rice Wine School". He believes that through the joint efforts of schools, enterprises and local governments, the school will continue to improve its ability to cultivate talents and serve the local economic and social development. He expects that Shaoxing Rice Wine School will make new contributions to the development of the rice wine industry in our province.

President Xu Xuqing said that at the beginning of this year, Xia Baolong, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee made a requirement for colleges and universities to "do something about cooperating with the most distinctive local industries". He gave examples of five characteristic industries in Zhejiang Province, among which he mentioned the "rice wine industry". During the process of the development of the university, we always adhere to integrating the development of the local economy and society closely. The existing major settings of the School of Biology and Environmental Engineering are very consistent with the business involved in Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd., which can realize resource complementation. Both parties reached an agreement easily to establish the Shaoxing Rice Wine School for mutual integration, mutual participation and mutual management, in order to promote the effective connection of talent training in the rice wine industry with industrial innovation needs and meet the needs of the applied talents in the industry, the service industry transformation and upgrading, and the regional economic development requirements. He promised that the university will give full play to its own advantages, serve and reward the people of Keqiao District, and contribute to the economic and social development of Keqiao District. President Xu Xuqing believes that, with the establishment of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School, our school will integrate into Shaoxing City and serve the economic and social development of Keqiao District, which symbolize the beginning of a new era. And a brand new milestone for the training of applied talents at Zhejiang Shuren University will be established!

Jin Jianshun believes that the establishment ofthe Shaoxing Rice Wine Schoolis to build a bridge and platform between Shaoxing wine industry and talent training. It is of great significance for building the brand of Shaoxing rice wine, enhancing the technological content of Shaoxing wine, and promoting the construction of Shaoxing Rice Wine Town. He said that the establishment of theSchoolwill play a positive role in improving the overall scientific research level of Shaoxing rice wine and increasing the core competitiveness of the enterprise. He hoped that the School will focus on the local characteristic industry of Shaoxing rice wine, adhere to the industry vision, national positioning, and Shaoxing characteristics, and remain true to the original aspiration, strive ahead, and continue to strengthen basic theoretical research and applied research on rice wine with the purpose of serving the rice wine industry, to reform and innovate the teaching model based on the industry, make preparation well to innovate research and development by centering on the market, and make contribution to the Shaoxing rice wine industry.

Respectively on behalf of the university and Kuaijishan Shaoxing Wine Co., Ltd., Xu Xuqing and Jin Jianshun signed the talent training cooperation agreement of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School. Chen Jiayuan and Jin Liangshun jointly unveiled the Shaoxing Rice Wine School.

Zhang Qing announced the name list of the members of the first council, the dean and the executive vice dean of the Shaoxing Rice Wine School.

Vice President Ye Shiping hosted the ceremony.

After the signing ceremony, the attendees went to Shaoxing Rice Wine Town to visit the rice wine production workshop and rice wine museum.

Chairman Chen Jiayuan wrote the name of Shaoxing Rice Wine Schoolin calligraphy.

After the visit, Chairman Chen Jiayuan also composed a poem extemporaneously:

VisitingShaoxing Rice Wine Town

Surrounded by Jianhu Lake and Kuaiji Mountain

Through thousands years of humanistic history,

Here is clear spring coming out;

Jade-color liquor brewed with nice fragrance;

Visitors find this is the origin area of rice wine

Till arriving to seek ancestors.