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Someone Who Made His Dream Come True---Fu Liquan, Class of 1987, Radio
Fri, Jan 7 2022 10:01 times

Fu Liquan

Member of the CPC, Chairman of the Board of Dahua Technology.

Awarded "30 People Who Influenced China's Security in the 30 Years of Reform and Opening Up", "Top 10 Zhejiang businessmen", "Hangzhou Model Worker", "Hangzhou Excellent Builder of Socialist Cause", "Advanced Individual in Scientific Research and Standardisation of Zhejiang Security Technology Prevention Industry", and "Outstanding Individual in Economic Development in 2010", Forbes Best CEO of Listed Companies, etc.

In the early 1990s, Fu Liquan - fresh out of school - embarked on a journey of starting his own business. At that time, his main goal was to buy an e-bike to replace his worn-out bicycle. He surpassed this goal a few years later and bought a Santana. Today, the company he founded, Dahua Technology, has developed into a "leading global provider of video-centred intelligent IOT solutions and operation services".

After graduation, Fu Liquan was assigned to work in a state-owned enterprise. From the beginning of his career, Fu Liquan stood out. "The average technician goes straight back to the hotel after the installation is completed, but I like to communicate with customers and help them maintain their products better." In 1993, Fu resigned from his stable job and started his own business. "At that time, they didn't even look at the product, so they gave me the contract and gave me an advance payment of tens of thousands of dollars." It was due to his exemplary customer relationship that he built the capital to start his own business, and, thus - his first pot of gold.

However, the hardships of starting a business are far from what one would expect. "Being a boss during the day and sleeping on the floor at night" is a true reflection of the initial days of his business. Although he was the boss, he lived like an ordinary worker: a porter and an assembler. When he was tired, he slept in the workshop; when he was hungry, his family bring him food. In the early days of his business, Fu Liquan had been engaged in products for the communications industry. In 1999, there was the technical transformation of the electricity system and the introduction of unmanned substations. One requirements being the video feed had to be transmitted from the remote to the monitoring room. He realised that this was a huge business opportunity and immediately organised his people to successfully develop a remote image monitoring system and put it into use in over a thousand substations. With this fleeting opportunity, Dahua successfully intervened in the security field and set off a dramatic technological revolution, firmly grasping the high ground of global security monitoring.

From a penniless start-up to a company whose sales reached over 100 million in 2004, Dahua had become the top tier brand of DVRs in China. However, for Fu Liquan, he only became to realise his dream when he started his business. in 2005, Fu said, "Now is the starting point of our second venture, and in the next five-year plan, we want to break through one billion." He told his staff, "I believe that it will take no more than five years to go from 100 million to a billion, and from one billion to ten billion, we may go even faster, which is another plan."

In such a short period of time, Dahua shun brighter that many of its competitors and became a dark horse in the industry, all thanks to Fu Liquan's "love of dreaming". However, unlike other "dreamers", Fu Liquan not only dreams, he also acts on these dreams and makes them come true!

Whether it's founding Dahua, manufacturing DVRs, entering the security business, or becoming an operational service provider for artificial intelligence, IoT and Big Data Today, it's all about seizing opportunities when they arise. While so many people have opportunities, few actually seize it. Indeed, opportunities only favour the prepared, otherwise more opportunities will just pass by.

"Everyone must have a dream to make a difference". Of course, it is not enough to have a dream; the most important thing to achieve it is to be "serious". "If you do a good job every day, you will naturally have the opportunity and will be recognised."

His generosity has made Dahua a united team. A harmonious team. A team with vitality. It is because of this strong team that Dahua always maintains a forward momentum and realises one dream after another.

In May 2008, Dahua was listed on the A-share market (stock code 002236). At present, the company has a national postdoctoral research station, a nationally recognised enterprise technology centre and other scientific research platforms, and has established joint laboratories with ADI, TI, ALTERA among others. The company has been listed in the top 100 national software enterprises for 9 consecutive years, and has been awarded the top 10 brands of security in China for 10 consecutive years. 2015, the company's sales exceeded 10 billion, and is currently the second largest company in the global video surveillance market share ranked by IHS.

In 2015, Fu Li Quan was appointed as a director of ZJSRU's Board of Directors. In order to support the construction and development of his alma mater, he contributed RMB 6 million to set up a scholarship to reward students with outstanding characters, the desire for self-improvement, as well as the hardworking teachers at ZJSRU.