School of Information Science and Technology
Cooperate with Youhua to Explore the Culture Heritages of the Song Dynasty Together--The School of Information Science and Technology Cooperated with Hangzhou Youhua Company to Build University-Enterprise Cooperation Practice Base Jointly
Wed, Mar 30 2022 16:27 times

In order to further promote the in-depth cooperation between ZJSRU and enterprises under the leadership of party construction, and strengthen the adaptability of talent training to serve local economic development, on the afternoon of March 25th, Xu Qingya, the Executive Director of Student Work of the School of Information Science and Technology, led some counselors and student representatives to visit Hangzhou Youhua Sijie Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd., exchanged ideas on the cooperation between both parties in the common development of university and enterprise.

At the meeting, the university and enterprise conducted in-depth exchanges in terms of their respective professional and technical advantages, the effective cooperation between the talent training of university and the production of cultural and creative enterprises, and the promotion and development of cultural and creative industries. Both parties hoped that through cooperation measures such as "cooperation of university and enterprise for common development and mutual sharing of advantageous resources", they would explore the cultural heritages of the Song Dynasty, carry forward traditional culture, and jointly build a civilized practice base for the Party members as the future directions, and promote each other to realize in-depth cooperation on technological innovation, vision integration, talent training in the field of cultural creativity.