School of Information Science and Technology
Hello new students of the College of Information Technology! ---Your acceptance letter has arrived
Wed, Jul 21 2021 11:01 times




On July 21, the first group of our university's acceptance letters in Zhejiang pr

ovince had been encapsulated. On the morning of that day, Vice President Ye S

hiping, Vice Dean of College of Information Technology Zhang Denghui, Deput

y Secretary Ding Jianlong, and Director of Communication Teaching and Resea

rch Department Zhou Ying came to the home of new student Zhou Yingjie.


Vice President Ye Shiping hand-delivered the first acceptance letter of College

of Information Technology to Zhou Yingjie, a new student of Communication Cl

ass 2021, and sent warm congratulations to him. Other new students who were

as lucky as Zhou Yingjie, such as Wang Zhi, Xu Zhihao, Yu Jiawen, Huang Wen

hui, Li Sichao, etc., also received the acceptance letter at the first moment from

personal door-delivery of their director of the faculty and professional teachers.

    The university's "100 party members sending acceptance letters" has been c

arried out for many years, relieving students' and parents' anxiety while strengt

hening home-school contact, enabling new students and parents to have a bett

er understanding of the school and a sense of belonging and trust.