School of Information Science and Technology
Dreaming as a Horse; Acting your glorious youth----College of Information Technology’s Mobilization Meeting on Postgraduate Entrance Examination, Class 2022
Fri, Jul 2 2021 10:56 times

To help students to get familiar with the relevant policies and understand our college’s previous situations of Postgraduate Entrance Examination, as well as to strengthen their confidence in the exams, our college held a mobilization meeting for the students in class 2022 grade 18 on July 2.

At the meeting, Professor Wang Wanliang, the dean, guided the students to establish a firm motivation for Postgraduate Entrance Examination. According to Prof. Wang, the students should give their best effort considering both their interest and employment opportunities; he also analyzed the current situation of graduate school enrollment, the recent changes of enrollment policies, and the previous examinations of the college. Emphasizing the importance of choosing target graduate institutions, Prof. Wang also explained to the students how to correctly position themselves regarding their actual situations, so that they could understand that getting into graduate school is the ultimate goal.

Convening the mobilization meeting of Postgraduate Entrance Examination has enabled students to have a better comprehension on the information of various aspects of the examination, and to further strengthen their determination. It also enhanced and clarified the goal of the examination, stimulating the enthusiasm of students while providing strong support for students to actively prepare for the examination.