School of Information Science and Technology
The School of Information Science and Technology of Shuren University and Zhuojian China Held the Industry-University-Research Cooperation Signing Ceremony and the Zhuojian Innovation Class Opening Ceremony
Tue, Jun 22 2021 15:30 times

On the afternoon of June 22, The School of Information Science and Technology held the grand signing ceremony of the industry--university-research cooperation between Shuren and Zhuojian China, and the opening ceremony of the Zhuojian Innovation Class at 6th floor of Gongchenqiao Campus’ Administration Building.

Ye Shiping - our university’s Vice-President, said in his summary speech that ‘Shuren University and Zhuojian China had many conceptual similarities. Since the establishment of Shuren International Medical College in 2019, the university has made integrated developments in the fields of medical, engineering and information. This has been one of the most valuable development strategies outlined in the 14th Five-Year Plan. The Medical, Engineering and Information Research Institute - of which; Academician Zheng Shusen and Professor Wang Wanliang were appointed as Dean and Executive-Dean respectively - met the demand of intelligent community construction and talent training by focusing on research fields, such as smart medical care and smart health care, by forming characteristics of the university’s subject-construction and talent-training to play an active role in first-class subject constructions. It, therefore, gained approval for hosting master's degree programs and the famous non-governmental university in the 14th Five-Year Plan period. The Zhuojian Innovation Class could become an effective carrier to realise the common ideals and goals of both parties. He hoped that relevant majors within the School of Information Science and Technology could make full use of this cooperative university-enterprise platform and continue to promote scientific research, projects and achievements, ultimately enhancing the cooperation between subject-constructions and talent cultivation, providing a greater pool of talent in the interdisciplinary field of medical, engineering and information for both Zhuojian and society.

Ye Shiping also hoped that Zhuojian would continue to deepen the cooperation between the university and its schools in terms of talent-training, teacher-training and scientific research collaborations, together creating a bright future for industry-university cooperations within the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period and the 100th year anniversary of the Communist Party of China’s foundation.