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Bright Youth in Poverty Relief – Wang Yishuang, a School Fellow of Our University, Was Awarded with the Title of an Entrepreneurship Model for College Students of Zhejiang
Fri, Jul 10 2020 19:28 times

The 3rd session of “Bright Days in Our Youth” College Student Employment and Entrepreneurship Figure Stories Appraisal organized by Zhejiang Education Development Center was closed recently. Wang Yishuang, a school fellow recommended by School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship(Department of Student Development and Services) andSchool of Information Science and Technologywas selected as a typical figure of college student entrepreneurship in Zhejiang.

Wang Yishuang, a young entrepreneur and the founder of Jiangxi Yiqi Fruit Industry. Wang Yishuang graduated from School of Information Science and Technology as a major of E-commerce in 2017, and works as a senior lecturer of Alibaba Business College for Middle and Small-sized Enterprises. He also works as the president of Linyi Fresh Food Association.

Her name bore the expectation of her elder generation, and she had her own value of enterprise. As a girl of the generation after 95s, she gave up the easy and comfortable life and selected the most difficult but significant path with the support of Alibaba Business College for Middle and Small-sized Enterprises, i.e., poverty relief with e-commerce. She decided to follow the policy orientation of our country, to win in a key battle of poverty relief in 2020. She donated her youth to a national-level poverty-stricken county, i.e., Nanfeng County, Jiangxi. She established Jiangxi Yiqi Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. there, and sold accumulated 25 million kilograms unmarketable fresh fruits by means of e-commerce, benefiting more than 10 thousand peasants. She became a core businessman of the Fresh Industry of Alibaba after three years since she graduated from Zhejiang Shuren University. She was awarded with dozens of prizes such as the Annual Industry Start Prize of 2019, the Industry Start Prize of 924 Business Festival of FY20, the first session of the Excellent Network Businessman, one of top 10 Model Network Businessmen of Alibaba Headline, the 1688 New Power Prize of Alibaba and the Big Star of Customer Operation. She was invited to attend Alibaba Fiscal Year Summit of 2019, and gave a speech on behalf of Alibaba Business College, to share advanced experience in poverty relief by means of e-commerce.

As an excellent entrepreneur, she undertakes social responsibilities and duties with selfless contributions to our country, so as to promote social progress. This is the correct style for young people. Wang Yishuang will continue helping peasants, giving lectures, working on entrepreneurship in an enthusiastic ay and influencing and driving more young people with her force of a role model, so that they can live in a splendid and valuable way.