School of Information Science and Technology
Professor Alexander of Belarusian State University Gave a Lecture to Students of Computer Science and Technology of 2016
Thu, Nov 15 2018 18:42 times

Professor Alexander, head of Department of Computer Technology and System of Belarusian State University, was invited to give a lecture about Specialized English for students of Computer Science and Technology of our school in the afternoon of November 14, 2018. With the topic of “introductory theory of digital image processing”, Professor Alexander introduced basic concepts of digital images, basic means to acquire digital images and application fields of digital image processing. Professor Alexander attracted great interests from students with abundant research achievements and cases such as CT image processing, cell image three-dimensional reconstruction and mobile detection. Professor Alexander answered students’ question about what knowledge to learn after entering into the image processing field. According to Professor Alexander, image processing is closely related to AI, and he suggested students to learn some knowledge about neural network and machine learning.

It was known that Computer Science and Technology Specialty is one of the second batch of university-level international cultivation specialties in our university, and it was an important measure for international specialty construction to invite foreign experts to give lectures. Professor Alexander came to our university for the national high-end expert project“Research and Application of SAR Image Change Detection”. It was the second time for him to visit our university after August.