School of Information Science and Technology
Professor Alexander from Belarusian State University Came to the University for Joint Research of a National High-end Foreign Expert Project
Fri, Sep 7 2018 18:30 times

Professor Alexander, head of Department of Computer Technology and System of Belarusian State University, an authoritative expert of image processing, visited our university during August 13-27, to implement the cooperative national high-end foreign expert project “SAR Image Change Testing Research and Application”.

Professor Alexander and the provincial top discipline orientation in our university, i.e., the graph and image processing and digital media technology team, jointly developed research and exchange of core technologies of the project such as data collection analysis, modeling research and algorithm design, to acquire some primary experiment achievements. With the leading of Professor Alexander, the project group developed research and discussion on applications of Artificial Neural Network and layered pyramid method in image processing, to analyze some key algorithms and solutions such as road traffic sign identification and medical image processing.

During the visit period, Professor Alexander and members of the topic group went to Zhejiang EV-image Co., Ltd. for investigation and exchange. General Manager Yang Weichen et al. received Alexander and his colleagues. Yang Weichen introduced business conditions and future development of the company and proposed some technical difficulties and demands such as removal of shadows or mist of SAR images, and expected that the topic group can solve these practical difficulties for the company. At the same time, both parties researched and discussed schemes related to the project.