School of Information Science and Technology
Secretary Zhang Qing Had an Interview With Lu Peng, a Minister of Huawei
Thu, Mar 29 2018 18:16 times

By deepening university-enterprise coordinative cultivation, School of Information Science and Technology has connected with new industries and has conducted deep integration in industry and education, to manifest applied features of specialties. The school held communication engineering (Huawei information technology) talent cultivation scheme authentication and specialty joint construction seminar in the afternoon of March 27. Lu Peng, deputy chairman of Department of Training and Authentication of China Region, and Sheng Yucai, minister of Huawei Zhejiang Region, attended the conference. Zhang Qing, secretary of the Party committee of the university, Ye Shiping, a vice-president, and Xia Qing, head of Department of Academic Affairs, attended the conference for guidance. Ren Tiaojuan, dean of School of Information, Zhang Denghui, a vice-dean, and backbone teachers as well as all the students of Huawei Information Technology of 2016 attended the conference.

Zhang Qing and Ye Shiping met the eight leaders including Lu Peng and Sheng Yucai. Zhang Qing affirmed the achievements made by School of Huawei since it was established, and showed thanks to attention and support by Huawei Company, and asked School of Information to continue promoting cooperation with Huawei, to further expand cooperation fields and radiation area, so as to cultivate more better ICT applied talents. Ye Shiping evaluated excellent works of School of Huawei positively, and wished that the school can make coordination between specialty clusters and industry chains, course contents and professional standard, as well as teaching process and production process, to help students grow rapidly, so as to build School of Information as an important talent cradle for Huawei ICT ecology.