School of Information Science and Technology
Work Together for Joint Construction of Huawei ICT Industry School
Tue, Mar 27 2018 09:56 times

Issued by: Xu Zhenyu; signed and issued by: ; Source of information: School of Information Science and Technology; Date of issue: 09:56, March 27, 2018, time of visits: 147

Six leaders of School of Information Science and Technology, including Ren Tiaoxu, dean of the school, and Jiang Wenjie, deputy director general of Department of Academic Affairs, went to Qingdao ,Shandong to participate in Huawei China Ecological Partnership Conference of 2018 on March 22.

There are increasingly higher requirements on ICT talents cultivation by the industry with the development of the digital transformation of the industry. The attention to talent cultivation and innovation by the country has been improved to the height of national strategies. It is pointed out in the report of the 19thNational Congress of the Communist Party of China that “talents are strategic resources to realize national revitalization and acquire initiatives in international competitions”; at the same time, it is emphasized repeatedly by President Xi Jinping during the Two Sessions in 2018 that: “development is the most important thing; talents are the most important resources; innovation is the most important driving force”. For this reason, by establishing the platform of ecological university, Huawei connects all ecological parties such as governments, education institutions and partners, to realize shared intelligence and win-win cooperation, so as to jointly construct the opened, shared and mutually beneficial ICT talent ecology.

Our university established the partnership with Huawei Company in 2013, and established the School of ICT of Huawei in 2015. The school has made abundant achievements on aspects such as featured construction of specialties, innovation in talent cultivation modes, professional certification of students, applied teaching resource construction and industry-education integration education by Ministry of Education based on cooperation with Huawei Company. The school has provided more than 240 ICT high-end talents for Huawei Company.

Ren Tiaojuan and colleagues exchanged with the director of Department of BG Training and Authentication, deputy director of Department of BG Training and Authentication of China Region, and director of CT Products of Department of EBG Training and Authentication of Huawei during the conference, and retrospect the works of School of ICT of Huawei in 2017. In addition, both parties conducted in-depth communication and discussion on joint construction of the current hot specialties such as AI, big data, cloud computing and Internet of Things. Huawei Company has affirmed the work achievements of our school in 2017, and would coordinate with our school in joint construction of specialties related to cloud computing and Internet of Things, to jointly cultivate senior professional talents meeting demands of the ICT industry. In addition, Huawei expected to realize university-enterprise integration instead of university-enterprise cooperation, to jointly construct ICT talents.