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The Academic Seminar of "China-Belarus Economic Cooperation and the Development of China-Belarus Industrial Park" was Successfully Held
Wed, Mar 8 2023 16:35 times

On February 25, the Academic Seminar of "China-Belarus Economic Cooperation and the Development of China-Belarus Industrial Park" hosted by Zhejiang Shuren University and organized by the School of Humanities and Foreign Languages, and the Belarus Research Center of Zhejiang Shuren University, which is the National and Regional Research Center of the Ministry of Education, was held successfully on the Yangxunqiao Campus.

Vice President Ye Shiping hosted the Seminar

More than 40 experts, scholars and business representatives from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, East China Normal University, China Institute of International Studies, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Dalian University of Technology, the Writers Publishing House, China Development Institute, China Merchants Group, North China Power Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Power Engineering Consulting Group, China-Belarus Intelligent Innovation Research Co., Ltd., the China-Russia Economic Relations Development Foundation, Hangzhou Congbao Technology Co., Ltd., National Design Institute of Belarus, China Merchants Group Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd., the Eastern European Division of the International Sales Department of Geely Automobile Group, China Merchants Group China-Belarus Trade Logistics Park, China-Belarus Aerospace High-tech Industry Research and Development Center Co. Ltd., China Aviation Oil International Holdings Limited, The Third Hospital of Zhejiang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangdong - CIS International Union for Science and Technology Cooperation, China-Belarus Trade Logistics Co., Ltd., Ningbo China International Forwarding Agency Co., Ltd., the China Department of China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Company, and Qingdao Shinehope Global Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd., attended the seminar.

Li Lu, President of Zhejiang Shuren University attended the seminar and delivered a speech. Professor Yip Shi-ping, our Vice President, hosted the seminar.

President Li Lu delivered a speech

In his speech, Li Lu briefly reviewed the history of the university since its establishment and introduced the cooperation achievements with the partners from Belarus in scientific research, cultural exchange, teacher training and high-end talent introduction since the establishment of the Belarus Research Center 10 years ago. Especially in the past two years, the Center has become a supporting organization of the National and Regional Research Center of the Ministry of Education and the "Belt and Road" Think Tank of the Development and Reform Commission of Zhejiang Province, as well as a member of the "Belt and Road" Think Tank Alliance of Zhejiang Province.

Li Lu pointed out that, the new “14th Five-Year Plan” of the university was to upgrade the quality of the university to a higher level, one of which was to strengthen the international educational cooperation and to serve the society more. He hoped that through this seminar the attendees would further deepen their understanding of the economic and trade fields of Belarus, look for new development opportunities and explore new cooperation space. At the same time, he also hoped that all the experts and scholars would offer their advices to the construction of the Belarus Research Center of our university in order to give better play to the role of the China-Belarus Academic Exchange Think Tank in economic cooperation.

Hu Zheng, Director of China Development Institute, Chief Expert of the Belt and Road Development Research, Executive Deputy Director of the Expert Consultation Committee of China-SCO Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Area, Former Vice President of China Merchants Group and Former CEO of China-Belarus Industrial Park, gave a keynote speech entitled Analysis on China-Belarus Industrial Park, and introduced in detail the construction of China-Belarus Industrial Park and its development prospect in the future from the four aspects of establishment background, development status, challenges and important enlightenment. He pointed out that the China-Belarus Industrial Park was a landmark project of the Belt and Road Initiative, which had full sample study value and should be continuously paid attention to and studied in depth. The experts, scholars, theorists, and business people should enhance communication and deeply discuss the demonstration value of the China-Belarus Industrial Park.

Mr. Hu Zheng gave a speech

Zhao Huirong, Director and Researcher of the Research Office of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and the Three Baltic States of the Institute of Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, delivered a keynote speech entitled Belarus and China-Belarus Economic Cooperation under the Background of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, and made a detailed and in-depth analysis and interpretation from the three aspects, i.e. the impact of Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Belarus, the current status of China-Belarus economic cooperation, and the factors affecting China-Belarus economic cooperation in the future.

Teacher Zhao Huirong gave a speech

The book launch of Mr. Hu Zheng's anthology of prose Winter in Minsk was held during the seminar.

The Book Launch of the Anthology of Prose

Mr. Bei Wenli delivered a speech

In the afternoon of the seminar, there was some time set aside for free speech, and the experts, scholars, and representatives of enterprises had heated discussions on "Investment Environment in Belarus" and "Investment Opportunities in the China-Belarus Industrial Park" respectively.

Guo Shuhong made a speech

Teacher Han Lu gave a speech

Wang Xianju, Director of the Center, made a concluding speech

Finally, Wang Xianju, Director of the Belarus Research Center of Zhejiang Shuren University, made a concluding speech to the seminar. He said that on the occasion of one year after the occurrence of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the eve of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko's visit to China, and the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, it was very meaningful to hold this seminar, especially the combination of business and academic circles became the highlight of this seminar, which would help to deepen the study of economic cooperation between China and Belarus from a practical point of view, and to better understand the importance of establishing an all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership between these two countries under the current complicated international situation.

Zhang Qing, Secretary of the Party Committee of the university, discussed with some experts and scholars before the seminar.

Group photo of the attendees