School of Humanities and Foreign Languages
The School of Foreign Languages Held the Activity of Chinese-Japanese Course Teaching Cooperation Week
Wed, Jul 1 2015 20:33 times

In order to further strengthen foreign exchanges, expand students’ international horizons, and further accelerate the pace of internationalization of the School of Foreign Languages, on March 16th, a week-long Chinese-Japanese Course Teaching Cooperation Activity was successfully launched. Professor Ryutaro Araki, Professor Keiichi Takahashi and Associate Professor Seiji Watanabe from the Department of Modern Japanese Studies, the School of Letters of Kwassui Women's University, Japan, came to the school and cooperated in the teaching of four Chinese-Japanese courses of the Japanese major, which were "Advanced Japanese", "Business Japanese", "Basic Japanese" and "Japanese History and Culture" respectively. This course teaching cooperation was jointly initiated by the School of Foreign Languages and Japan’s Kawasui Women's University. Both parties selected instructors and undergraduates to form a class. By taking advantage of the class-based teaching system, all the courses were taught in Japanese and the teaching method of seminar was adopted to arrange the students of the School of Foreign Languages and the exchange students from Japan in the same class, divide them into several groups for discussion, and finally present and report on the results.