Glory of Twenty Years-Wang Chenhui of the Architecture Specialty of 1994
Thu, Jul 1 2021 20:28 times

Wang Chenhui

Born in 1976, with the university degree, Wang Chenhui is a senior architect, the chairman of Hangzhou Zhonghan Architectural Design Co., Ltd., a joint launcher of National Tea Maker Space, the vice-chairman of Yueqing Chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou, the vice-chairman of Building and Decoration Branch of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Hangzhou, an original member of Zhejiang Center of Alxa SEE Ecological Association, and a member of China Green Building Council. Wang Chenhui has individual representative works such as No. 1 of Jinsha Lake in Hangzhou, Wanya Plaza Suzhou, the commercial complex of the north region of Zhuji. He won the innovative prize for added-value of construction industry in 2005, and the pioneer people prize of innovative design in China in 2010.

President Wang Chenhui has worked for several domestic and foreign countries in cities such as Wenzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou during the 20 years, and he has been familiar with social values and economic values of design, and has proposed the idea of “self-improvement is needed for design during creation”. At present, Hangzhou Zhonghan Architectural Design Co., Ltd. has the qualifications of Class A in architectural design, Class A in landscape architecture design and Class B in urban planning, with annual value of more than 100 million yuan, and is one of the first batch of EPC experimental enterprises in Hangzhou. At the same time of leading the comprehensive development of Zhonghan Design, President Wang Chenhui established Zhonghan Design Tourism Real Estate Research Center and Pension Architecture Research Center, to lead the research-type design team to lead the new trend for domestic and foreign markets in architectural design and landscape architecture, to lead in a unique way in city updating EPC projects. According to President Wang Chenhui, entrepreneurship is difficult, in need of tenacity and insistence.

At the same time of achieving flourishing in career, President Wang Chenhui is trying his best to make contributions to the society. He planned and established Zhongdao Positive Energy Love Foundation at the beginning of 2016. As the president of the foundation, Wang Chenhui understands the importance of the love foundation. He has helped many children due to sudden injury since the foundation was established more than one year ago. After that, he joined Alxa SEE Ecological Association and worked together with entrepreneurs with social responsibilities to contribute to protection of green waters and mountains, blue sky and white clouds in our country.