Lou Danfeng
Thu, Jul 1 2021 20:26 times

Lou Danfeng is the principal ofMechanics of Materials, one of national top undergraduate courses in our country.

Lou Danfeng won the first prize of Zhejiang the 9thContest of Teaching Skills for Young Teachers in Higher Education, the winning prize of the 1stContest of Teaching Skills of Teachers in Private Higher Learning Institutions in Yangtze River Delta, the first prize of the 19thContest of Lectures of Young Teachers of Zhejiang Shuren University, the second prize of the 10thContest of Teaching Skills of Young Teachers of Zhejiang Shuren University; in addition, Lou Danfeng is a new star of teacher of Zhejiang Shuren University and an excellent communist.

Lou Danfeng guided students to win the first prize of National Contest of Structural Design of College Students for two continuous years, and guided students to win one special prize in Zhejiang Contest of Structural Design of College Students and two first prizes, and one first prize in Provincial Contest of Mechanics.

Lou Danfeng has won the excellent prize for class teaching quality evaluation for many continuous years, and the excellent prize for online teaching quality during the epidemic period, with excellent online teaching cases.

Lou Danfeng has hosted one Zhejiang fundamental public benefit research project, and has hosted many municipal and university-level teaching reform projects.