Zhong Tailin
Thu, Jul 1 2021 20:23 times

Zhong Tailin: male, a doctor, a professor, a senior engineer of landscaping, postgraduate tutor, principal of the Landscape Architecture Specialty, a senior visiting scholar of the Landscape Architecture Specialty of Beijing Forestry University (double top, A+) of Ministry of Education, also works as an evaluation expert of scientific and technological achievements of Zhejiang (including Chongqing, Guangdong and Anhui), and an evaluation expert of provincial public resource landscape.

Zhong Tailin is mainly engaged in teaching and research in fields such as landscape architecture, conservation of rare or endangered species, ecological restoration and demonstration of plants, and horticultural therapy. In recent years, he has hosted and completed three provincial projects such as the natural science foundation project, and has hosted and completed 30 projects entrusted by enterprises. In addition, he participated in many projects such as National Natural Science Foundation of China and social works as a core member. Besides, he has published more than 60 thesis onJournal of forestry research,Garden in the Chinese StyleandJournal of Shanghai JiaotongUniversity, and has led or participated in compilation of eight works, and has been authorized with three national patents, and has been awarded with one prize of provincial scientific and technological advancement and one prize of Shaoxing excellent thesis of natural science.

Zhong Tailin has guided undergraduate students to complete one national innovation and entrepreneurship topic, one provincial bud plan, obtain one patent for utility models and one third prize in provincial contest of landscape architecture design for college students.