Teachers and Students of Our School of Urban Construction Participated in the 2022 Zhejiang Province “10+1” Joint Curriculum Design (Longmen Base) and Achieved Excellent Results
Mon, Sep 12 2022 11:11 times

On the morning of August 13, 2022, the Establishment Meeting of the Talents Training Committee of Zhejiang National Territorial Space Planning Society and 2022 Zhejiang Province “10+1” Joint Curriculum Design Activity (Longmen Base) were held in Longmen, the ancient town of Fuyang. More than 50 representatives from over 10 designing institutes and over 10 universities in Zhejiang Province attended the establishment meeting.

The Talents Training Committee of Zhejiang National Territorial Space Planning Society was established with the aim of building the multi-party collaboration teaching alliance jointly formed by universities, design institutes, development enterprises and local governments, strengthening the interaction and cooperation between different majors related to territorial space planning, such as urban and rural planning, architecture, landscape architecture, and design science, and promoting the integrated development of government, industry, education and research, achieving the goal of multi-subject collaborative education, and training the innovative, applied and interdisciplinary talents who meet the needs of the times.

Five teachers of our university attended this meeting; as the representatives of submitting works, our three students, Liu Bowen, Xia Leyan and Li Lanfang, attended the Joint Curriculum Design and Teaching Results Evaluation and Exhibition Activity after the establishment meeting.

This “10+1” Joint Curriculum Design Activity is an attempt for multi-party collaboration teaching. The School of Urban Construction of our university have participated in the construction and practice of the platform and benefited a lot through cooperating with the design majors of peer colleges in Zhejiang to collaboratively teach and jointly guide the curriculum design for our design courses of urban and rural planning, landscape architecture and architectural studies. In the future, the School will participate in more activities such as teaching discussion, joint curriculum design, and train ecological design talents to serve for the tasks of "common prosperity first and provincial modernization first" of Zhejiang Province.