Lecture on “Intelligent Construction”
Fri, Jul 15 2022 14:50 times

Lecture on Intelligent Construction

On July 5th, the School of Urban Construction held a theme lecture on "Intelligent Construction" with all the staff present.

Jin Xiaoqun, the Executive Deputy Dean of the School, pointed out that under the general background of the "intelligent", "being digital", "green" transformation and the upgrading of the construction industry, it was urgent for the major of civil engineering to follow the trend to lay a good foundation for the revision of the training programs, the reconstruction of the curriculum systems, curriculum building and upgrading in the light of "Intelligent Construction".

Associate Professor Sheng Li gave a speech on "Civil Engineering Reform Led by Intelligent Construction". After analyzing the background of the relevant policy and the history of the development of the digital transformation in the field of the civil engineering, she presented the application scenarios of BIM technology in design, construction, and management as well as in other practical engineering fields. By evaluating the current situation, she proposed for the transformation and upgrading of the talent training schema and the curriculum reform with respect to the traditional curriculum design and reform, comprehensive practical training renovation.

Senior Engineer Cui Yang, Director of Technology Center of Zhejiang Hualin Construction Group, gave the report on “the Innovation and Development of Construction Enterprises Motivated by New-type Construction Industrialization”.  He elaborated status quo of the development of construction industrialization from the perspective of new-type building industrialization process, innovation, orientation, problems and future innovation. He also discussed with teachers about the revision of talent training program, the demand for talents by enterprises as well as the cooperation between the universities and enterprises.

Starting from the direction of "Intelligent Construction", the team of the civil engineering major kicked off the transformation and upgrading officially.