Mechanics of Materials Was Selected into the First Batch of National Top Undergraduate Courses
Thu, Dec 3 2020 19:52 times

The schoolhas made great achievements in top undergraduate course construction in recent years. TheMechanics of Materialscourse responsible by Lou Danfeng was selected into the first batch of national top undergraduate courses, realizing historic breakthrough of national top undergraduate course of our university. In addition, with active exploration and innovative practice, the courses hosted by a batch of teachers such as Zhao Xin, Wu Zhangtu, Hu Juan and Lou Danfeng were also selected as provincial top undergraduate courses.

Lou Danfeng with teaching experience of only 5 years shared her growth experience, and presented the way forMechanics of Materialsto promote class teaching reform with the carrier of “combination of contest with teaching” by abundant teaching ways such as demonstration games, contest, grouped report presentation, mutual evaluation between students and innovative experiments, to improve class participation and interaction, so as to promote integration and innovation of information technologies and teaching.