Industry-education Integration and Innovation – Accelerate the Cultivation of Specialized Talents in Steel Structure in Our Province
Sat, Nov 21 2015 18:29 times

In order to conduct in-depth discussion on cultivation of steel structure talents, Zhejiang Shuren University and Zhejiang Association of Steel Structure Industry held the seminar about cultivation of steel structure talents during the new period in the academic hall of our university on November 21, 2015. Totally more than 200 people, including Dong Shilin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, YueQingrui, chairman of China Association of Steel Structure Industry, Ye Junxian, deputy director general of Zhejiang Bureau of Construction Management, Li Shaofu, a senior professor of steel structure of Tsinghua University, Chen Tianmin, Chairman of Zhejiang Association of Steel Structure Industry, Fang Hongqiang, vice-president of Hangxiao Steel Structure, Liu Zhonghua, chief engineer of Jinggong Steel Structure, Jin Rui, chief engineer of provincial Construction Engineering Group, Dai Jiankang, chairman of Zhejiang Hongxiang Steel Structure Co., Ltd., representatives of 24 universities, colleges (vocational colleges) in Zhejiang and other provinces, representatives of experts of related steel structure enterprises, leaders of the university including XuXuqing, Wang Jun, Chen Xinmin and Ye Shiping, principals of related departments and divisions, Yao Jian, dean of the Schoolof Urban Construction, the steel structure group and teachers and students of the Civil Engineering Specialty and the Architecture Specialty of the Schoolof Urban Construction attended the seminar. The opening ceremony was held by Yao Jian.

The “strategic alliance for cultivation of green building talents of steel structure” was established at the seminar, in order to improve scale and quality for cultivation and training of steel structure talents, promote industry-teaching integration and university-enterprise cooperation, establish and improve cooperation mechanisms among universities, guilds, enterprises and related functional departments, facilitate favorable interaction of steel structure talent cultivation and training and industry development, improve the layer of steel structure talents, expand the employment channels for graduates and improve adaptation between teaching and society, promote development of the steel structure industry, to provide better services to economic and social development in our province. At the first board of directors of the alliance, XuXuqing, president ofthe university, and Yao Jian, dean of the Schoolof Urban Construction, were proposed as the president and the secretary general of the alliance.

The discussion meeting on the training scheme for masters of the Steel Structure Specialty of Zhejiang Shuren University by experts from the university and enterprises and the special career fair for steel structure talents were held during the meeting.