Creating Beauty in Art Program|The Third Lesson of the Art Program of Rural Aesthetic Education-- Spring Equinox
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Creating Beauty in Art ProgramThe Third Lesson of the Art Program of Rural Aesthetic Education-- Spring Equinox

On the afternoon of March 23rd, the third lesson of the art program of rural aesthetic education began as scheduled, and the children came to the classroom early to wait for the beginning of the class. The teachers of this course were Peng Xinye and Zheng Yangdian from the School of Art.

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The theme of this lesson was the Spring Equinox, one of the 24 solar terms. In the active classroom atmosphere, the children learned that we were currently in the spring equinox season and knew the origin and customs of the Spring Equinox. At the same time, Ms. Peng also led the children to learn poems related to the Spring Equinox. During the Spring Equinox, grass is growing, birds are flying and flowers are blooming on the branches. Under the guidance of Ms. Peng and Ms. Zheng, the children held brushes to outline the beautiful and colorful scene of spring, and drew the spring vitality of Shuli Village on paper.

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Through this art program of aesthetic education, the children not only learnt about the knowledge of the Spring Equinox, but were also inspired to discover, appreciate and create beauty, and to obtain the power of life from nature. Spring has arrived, flowers have bloomed, and may we vibrantly grow up and love what we love in the beautiful spring.

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