With 38 Years of Friendship Bound by Ho Tin Library, Our Old Friend Visited Us Again---Ms. Tina Ho Came Home
Sat, Nov 12 2022 14:38 times

Shuren University is a university that highly cherishes friendship, and everyone does not forget the original intention and always feels grateful for people who have offered help. Young people are the most important, and when they are well equipped, the country will become prosperous. I hope students will work hard to learn more and strive for more achievements. May Shuren University become better and better and strive for further improvement!

--Ms. Tina Ho


On November 4, in the Room of the CPPCC Members on the third floor of Ho Tin Library of our university, President Li Lu, Zhang Qing, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chen Weifang, Director of Ho Tin Library, Tian Xiangjun, Former Director of Ho Tin Library, sat together and talked with Tina Ho, Deputy Director of Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese of the CPPCC National Committee, and Honorary Director of the Eighth Board of Directors of our university, and they looked back the history of the university and discusses the future development of the university. Other attendees of the meeting included Song Bin, Director of the Office of the Party Committee and the Presidents Office of our university, Wang Yun, Director of the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, Zhu Hongying, Dean of the Modern Service Research Institute, Chen Lemin and Wu Yangkai, Deputy Directors of the Office of the Party Committee and the Presidents Office of our university, and representatives of young teachers and students.


At the meeting, Ms. Tina Ho affectionately recalled the spirit of running a university of her father, Mr. Ho Tin, and other founders of the older generation, whom dedicated themselves to education and always concerned about Shuren University in the early 1980s under the plight of no housing, no teachers, and no resources. She mentioned that her father, Mr. Ho Tin, wished young people to learn more and hoped students to read more and gain more knowledge, and added, "the library is a place for our students to study and for our teachers to reserve teaching resources, so we should read more and more books." She was very happy for the rapid development of the university and gave her sincerest thanks to everyone for their efforts and hard work.


Ms. Ho earnestly exhorted, "I hope young people will study more because our future world is knowledge-based and our country is moving forward and needs knowledge even more." She encouraged the students of Shuren University to better themselves, to study hard and grow into the talents needed by the country, and warmly invited students to visit Macao for exchange.


Secretary Zhang Qing said that in order to celebrate the 38th anniversary of the founding of the university, to remember Mr. Ho Tin and thank his family for their continuous care and support, our university decided to establish the "Ho Tin Scholarship" to inherit the original intention and spirit of the founders of the older generation, so that students would be enlightened spiritually.


Tian Xiangjun, the First Director of Ho Tin Library, delivered a speech titled "Remembering the Instructions and Practice Diligently, and Being a Loyal Member of Shuren -- In Memory of Chairman Ho Tin, the Revolutionary Forerunner", deeply recalling Mr. Ho Tin's efforts and guidance for the founding and development of the university. At the same time, she said that over the years, she never forgot the president Ho Tin's requirements for the university staff. She sincerely said to Ms. Tina Ho, "I have done what he asked of me. I will continue to work hard and do my best."


Chen Weifang, the current director of Ho Tin Library, told Ms. Tina Ho about the development of Ho Tin Library, reported relevant data, and said: "Under the command and leadership of the university, the library will be built in accordance with the university's goal of 'a famous private university' to serve the disciplines, and to establish a learning center for our students and a resource center for our teachers, I will definitely work hard, Ms. Ho, please feel assured."


At the meeting, Chen Lemin, Deputy Director of the Office of the Party Committee, and the Presidents Office of our university, as a former student and a current faculty member of Shuren University, recalled her campus life as a student at Shuren University and talked about the development of the university she witnessed. Ms. Chen expressed that as a member of Shuren University, she hoped to make contribution for the development of Shuren University. Three student representatives, Luo Hongjie, Mo Wenyan and Mao Weiting, also shared their stories and gains with Ho Tin Library one by one.



Before this meeting, Tina Ho, accompanied by President Li Lu and Secretary Zhang Qing, had an in-depth understanding of the development of the Yangxunqiao campus, visited the "Ho Tin Library  Chronicle of Time" Photo Exhibition in the lobby of the second floor of Ho Tin Library, and listened to the development story of the library. The university has grown from a few humble buildings to a lush campus covering the area of 40,000 mu (about 26.67 square kilometers), and the library has grown out of nothing and now has a rich collection. The history of Mr. Ho Tin's participation in the construction of Shuren University and its library firmly links Mr. Ho's family to Shuren. Ms. Tina Ho watched the exhibition for a long time and said, "It was not easy" and "I'm pleasantly surprised" as she felt it was not easy for Shuren to develop itself over the past years. The people of Shuren University have been promoting the development of Ho Tin Library step by step, generation after generation, and teaching hundreds of thousands of students with knowledge and wisdom to enable them to plant the seeds of their dreams here and then to step into the future from here.



During this visit to our university, Ms. Ho also delivered a speech at the International Forum on Smart Health and Care 2022 and participated in the founding ceremony of Zhejiang-Asian Countries Alliance for Training Talents of Medical and Elderly Care. She visited the Comprehensive Training Center for International Tea Culture and Qi Cai Community of our university to learn about our discipline construction, university-enterprise cooperation, and other work.





Mr. Ho's spirit and noble character have become the spiritual force of Shuren University, and Ms. Tina Ho's visit has once again deepened the continuous friendship between Shuren University and the Ho family. Only by not forgetting the original intention can we do the right thing, and only by knowing how to be grateful can we go far. We will remember the instructions of our founders represented by Mr. Wang and Mr. Ho. With the support of Ms. Ho and friends from all walks of life who are concerned about the development of the university, we will strive to build our university for an increasingly better future!