Vice President Tong Guoyao Led a Team to Visit Dahua Technology and Discuss Cooperation
Fri, May 6 2022 14:57 times


In order to further enhance the connection with the enterprises of alumni, strengthen university-enterprise cooperation, deepen the integration of industry and education, and promote the high-quality development of the university by virtue of digital technology, on May 10th, Vice President Tong Guoyao led some teachers from the School of Economics and Social Welfare, the School of Information Science and Technology, and the Modern Service Research Institute to visit Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. Ltd., a well-known company founded by alumni, to discuss university-enterprise strategic cooperation. The senior management team of Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. Ltd., including Li Zhijie, Senior Vice President of Dahua, Liu Xiaoyong, Vice President of the Delivery and Service Center, and Wang Li, General Manager in charge of Education Sector of the Domestic Marketing Center, warmly welcomed and had a meeting with Vice President Tong Guoyao and ZJSRU teachers.

Vice President Tong Guoyao and ZJSRU teachers visited the exhibition hall of products and services of Dahua Technology Co. Ltd., and had a detailed understanding of the application of the company’s products in people’s livelihood services and industrial services.


In recent years, the university has continuously promoted the construction of relevant fields and actively played the advantages of university-enterprise cooperation resources, and has successively built five provincial-level platforms and three industry-university-research cooperation platforms. Both parties agreed that there would be broad space for cooperation in main development directions. The attendees had in-depth discussions and exchanges on jointly promoting the information construction of the Future Community, the development of service products for people’s livelihood in the future, the comprehensive operation and management of the Future Community, and the co-construction of the Future Community and the Better Life Laboratory, the contents of which involved the research and development of service products for the Future Community, the establishment of service standards, training of service talents and the co-construction of laboratories.


Tong Guoyao said that both parties should keep in close contact to build the Future Community and the Better Life Laboratory into sample projects showing the management and services of the Future Community, and on this basis, further continue to expand the level of cooperation and the range of research project.