Zhejiang Shuren University Established “Yuhai Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute” to Deepen the Cooperation between University and Enterprises
Thu, Apr 28 2022 15:46 times


On the afternoon of April 20, Zhejiang Shuren University and Jingning Yuhai Preschool Education Equipment Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony of strategic cooperation. The attendees of this ceremony included Li Lu, President of Zhejiang Shuren University, Ye Shiping, Vice President, heads of office of scientific research and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dong Lingyu, the alumnus of our university and the Chairman of Yuhai Preschool Education Equipment, as well as main leaders from Jingning County Government Office, the Bureau of Economy, Commerce and Technology, and Administration committee of Economic Development Zone. The signing ceremony was presided over by Ye Shiping.


At the meeting, Li Lu and Dong Lingyu, as the representatives of the university and the enterprise respectively, signed the framework agreement, and finished the nameplate awarding ceremony.


In the speech, Li Lu expressed his heartfelt thanks to the outstanding alumnus Dong Lingyu for his strong support for the talent training of his alma mater. He recalled the field visit to Dong Lingyu's company in 2020, and expressed his affirmation and appreciation for Dong's career achievements, caring public welfare and love for the university. He said that the establishment of this Institute was a responsive measure to implement the important decision of the Party Committee and Government of Zhejiang Province to promote the high-quality development of 26 counties in mountainous areas, drive the development of innovation and entrepreneurship education in our university powerfully, and thus provide important support for our university's application for the master's degree programs through giving play to the industrial, ecological and cultural advantages of Jingning County and the advantages of talents and disciplines of our university.


He believed that in the near future, the institute would surely become a new demonstration base of industry-education integration.


At the signing ceremony, Dong Lingyu hoped to integrate and optimize the resources of the university and alumni through this cooperation, provide technology, capital and resources for the university, and make greater contributions to the industrial development of Zhejiang.


The Director of the Administration Committee of Jingning County Economic Development Zone sincerely wished the ceremony a smooth holding. He emphasized that Jingning was the political highland of Zhejiang Province and the direct contact place of the Party Committee and Government of Zhejiang Province. This cooperation integrated the advantages of all parties, and would definitely bring greater social benefits, and drive urban-rural integration and common prosperity. He wished Yuhai Preschool Education Equipment Company to become the leading enterprise of preschool education equipment in China as soon as possible.

After the ceremony, both parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the operation mechanism, in-depth integration of industry, education and research, talent exchange and training, scientific and technological innovation and industrialization of achievements, and the key points of the university's application for master's degree programs.

Under the background of the national ethnic policies and rural revitalization strategy, through this cooperation, the industrial, ecological and cultural advantages of Jingning County and the advantages of talents and disciplines of Zhejiang Shuren University will be given full play.


Mr. Dong Lingyu founded Lvlin Artwares Co., Ltd. in 2004, which was mainly engaged in the design, development, production and sales of wooden toys. After continuous development and progress, in 2018, Lvlin Preschool Education became the first enterprise successfully listed on NEEQ in China's wooden toy industry.