Zhejiang Shuren University Signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Polotsk State University in Belarus
Sun, Apr 10 2022 17:03 times

On the afternoon of April 8th 2022 in the Confucius Institute, Room 312 of ZJSRU’s administrative building, ZJSRU and Polotsk State University in Belarus held an online signing ceremony to commemorate the cooperation agreement between ZJSRU.

Li Lu, President of ZJSRU; Chen Zhi, Distinguished Consultant, Executive Deputy Director of Academic Committee, Professor; Wang Zhangquan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Executive Vice Dean of School of Information Science and Technology, Professor; Li Jianliang, Dean of School of Humanities and Foreign Languages, Executive Deputy Director of Belarus Research Center; Wang Yun, Director of International Affairs office; And, Romanov Oleg Alexandrovich, Rector of Polotsk State University; Golubeva Oksana Valerievna, First Vice-Rector; Golubev Yuri Petrovich, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs; Buraya Irina Vladimirovna, Vice-Rector for Research; Kovalenko Pavel Vasilyevich, Vice-Rector for Educational Work; with Bohush Rykhard Petrovich, Head of the Department of Computing Systems and Networks; Inga Zenkova, Head of the Department of Economy; Li Zhonghua,Associate Professor of the Department of Economy; Zhuravskaya Olga Viktorovna, Head of International Relations Department; all attended the signing ceremony.



The ceremony began with the President and Rector from either side delivering speeches and introducing the situation of the schools respectively. After introducing the development and current situation of ZJSRU, Li Lu vigorously introduced the academic characteristics of ZJSRU and Belorussian universities. Li Lus first point was to acclaim the Sino-Belorussian Scientific and Technological cooperations remarkable results; secondly, he promoted the Sino-Belorussian Cultural, Scientific and Technological exchange with the Sino-Belorussian Youth Forum as the carrier; and thirdly, he sought to strengthen the Sino-Belorussian cooperation with the Belarus Research Centre of ZJSRU.

Li Lu said that since the scientific research cooperation with Belarus began in 2012, ZJSRU has jointly carried out over 10 national and provincial cooperative research projects, including the foreign expert project of the Ministry of Science and Technology. It has successively introduced 15 high-end Belorussian experts, jointly published Russian books, published high-level papers, patent applications, etc., with The Consul General of Belarus in Shanghai attaching great importance to and strongly supports the venture.

Since 2015, ZJSRU and Belorussian State University have successfully held four "Chinese and Belorussian Youth Forums", which has promoted Sino-Belorussian Cultural, Scientific and Technological exchange and built a platform for friendly and academic dialogue for Chinese and Belorussian youth. Simultaneously, the Belarus Research Centre of ZJSRU was successfully approved by the National and Regional Research Centres at the Ministry of Education in 2017. With the goal of building a high-quality think tank, it focusses on cutting-edge and hot topics in Belarus, by actively communicating with experts at home and abroad, regularly holding academic lectures and academic seminars, and publishing relevant research results and consultation reports to provide continuous support for ZJSRU's Sino-Belarus cooperation.




In Rector Romanovs speech, he stated that Polotsk State University in Belarus is a well-known institution of higher education with a history of 441 years, ranking among the top ten universities in Belarus. It has 67 bachelor's and master's programs and 20 doctoral programs. At present, there are over 500 Chinese students. The institution is committed to running its schools at a high level, attaching great importance to education and social services, cultivating a large number of outstanding talents in construction, information, management, logistics and other majors, which has played an important role in the scientific, technological, cultural and economic development of Belarus. The school is famous for its strong traditions and unique science colleges in natural science, electrical engineering, pipeline industry, petrochemicals, mechanical engineering, plasma emission electrons, construction and other fields.


Then, President Li Lu and Rector Romanov signed a cooperation agreement to collaborate with an exchange of teachers and students, an exchange of education and scientific research methods, development of educational plans and courses, and a cooperation in the development of scientific research projects. At the meeting, President Romanov warmly invited President Li Lu to attend the May celebration of Polotsk State University in Belarus. President Li Lu said that after the epidemic has eased, personnel exchanges and cooperation can be further pursued, when Rector Romanov and teachers are welcome to visit and cooperate in Hangzhou.



Finally, Li Lu pointed out that the signing of the agreement between the two alumnus will further promote the cooperation between the two schools in education, culture, scientific research and other fields. He sincerely hopes that on the basis of a friendly cooperation, the two schools will deepen their mutual understanding, give full play to their respective advantages and strengths, and strive to achieve fruitful cooperation results.