Zhejiang Shuren University Received Reply from Mr. Ho Iat Seng, Chief Executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region
Thu, Feb 10 2022 10:54 times

On January 26th, President Li Lu sent a letter to Mr. Ho Iat Seng, Chief Executive of the Macao Special Administrative Region, on behalf of the teachers and students of the university to extend sincere New Year’s greetings to Mr. Ho Iat Seng, and presented  the picture album Affection forShuren- Ho Tin andZhejiang Shuren University recording the relationship between Mr. Ho Tin and Zhejiang Shuren University. He said that after working in Zhejiang Shuren University for more than two years, he deeply felt that the spirit of remaining true to the original aspiration and hard work and plain living of the older generation had a significant impact on the development of theuniversity, especially Mr. Wang Jiayang, Mr. Ho Tin and other seniors of noble character and high prestige striven to run education, treated students as their own children, always gave the university the greatest care and support, and made an indelible contribution to the development of the university. He also pointed out, the university has always been adhering to the original intention of "taking ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to bring up a generation of good people", and is committed to cultivating outstanding talents to give back to the society. After 38 years of construction, especially the emphasis on exchanges and cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, the university has grown from a "pocket-size" university into an undergraduate university with 17,000 students in 12 schools and colleges covering an area of more than 1,200 mu (a unit of area). He expressed his heartfelt thanks to Mr. Ho Iat Seng for his constant concern and support to the university, and looked forward to Mr. Ho Iat Seng's visit to our university for guidance.

On January 28th, Mr.Ho Iat Sengwrote back to ouruniversity, expressing his heartfelt thanks to the album Affection forShuren- Ho Tin and Zhejiang Shuren University presented by President Li Lu and to the university’s gratitude to his late father, Mr.Ho Tin,and fully affirmed theuniversity’s achievements in runningeducation. He said, "My late father had high expectations for Shuren Universityback then.Today, Shuren University has grown strong and is well-established and large-scale. The achievements are obvious to all, and my late father must be deeply gratified. In those years, I was fortunate enough to participate in the establishment of ShurenUniversity, personally experienced the processand felt the hardships of running auniversity. Thanks to the bravery and unremitting efforts of ourpredecessors, we have laid a solid foundation for Shuren University.” He believed that under the leadership of President Li Lu,who worked diligently,and responsibly, the university would “definitely develop vigorously and continue to create brilliant achievements”, and also extended his sincere holiday greetings and good New Year wishes to all the teachers and students ofour university.

On January 31st, Mr.Ho Iat Sengsent his best New Year wishes to President Li Lu viaWechat.