“Health Promotion”Sub-Forumof the FourthChinese-Belarusian Youth Forum Held Successfully by Shulan International Medical College
Sat, Nov 20 2021 10:59 times


On November7th, the Fourth Chinese-Belarusian Youth Forum Health Promotion Sub-forum organized by Shulan International Medical College of Zhejiang Shuren University was successfully held in Hangzhou in the way of combining online and offline meetings. Focusing on the theme of“Life First, Health Promotion”, both domestic and overseas experts and scholars of hygiene and healthwereinvited toshare the latest and cutting-edge research results in the fields of foundation medicine, translational medicine, clinical medicine and public hygiene.

Zheng Shusen, the Academician and the Dean of Shulan International Medical College,paid high attention tothissub-forum, andshared the report on“Liver Transplantation: Past, Present and Future”with all experts and scholars via video links in the midst of pressing affairs. Prof.Baomei Zhaoand Pamela Schulze from the School of Social Work and Family Sciences of the College of Health and Human Sciences, the University of Akronin theU.S.,and Daniil Lappo,Doctoral Studentand Yuliya Prosmytskaya, UndergraduateStudentfrom Belarus attended this sub-forum through online meetings. The attendees also included the leaders and key members of scientific research from Zhejiang University, Huzhou University,Zhejiang Police Vocational Academy andShulan International Medical College. And this sub-forum was presided over by Prof. Zhao Qiong, Deputy Dean of Shulan International Medical College.

In the sub-forum, 10 experts and scholars from China, the United States and Belarus respectively made excellent keynote speeches, in which, the“Time, Money and Health Education Model”shared by Prof. Baomei Zhao and Pamela Schulze from the School of Social Work and Family Sciences of the College of Health and Human Sciences, the University of Akroninthe United States,“Interaction of Thrombin with Polysaccharides Modeling by Molecular Docking Method”by Daniil Lappo,Doctoral Studentof Belarusian State University, and“Biodegradable Polysaccharides Composite Barrier Films for Surgical Adhesion Prevention”by Yuliya Prosmytskaya, Junior student of Belarusian State University,“Contain Antimicrobial Resistance in China and the One Belt One Road Countries from Social and Behavioral Perspectives”by Wang Xiaomin, Post-doctor of the School of Medicine of Zhejiang University,

“Anlotinib Plus Osimertinib Overcomes Acquired Resistance to Osimertinib via FGFR and EGFR Signaling in Non-small Cell LungCancer”byZhu Chenyu, Resident Doctor of Shulan (Hangzhou) Hospital,“Search for Biomarkers for Diagnosis, Treatment and Prognosis of Small Cell Lung Cancer”byZhang Xinling, Lecturer of Shulan International Medical College,“ELTD1 Promotes Invasion and Metastasis by Activating MMP2 in Colorectal Cancer”by Sun Jiawei,Lecturer of Shulan International Medical College, and“Protein Moonlighting Suggests that NrtR is an Evolutionary Remnant Regulator of NAD + Homeostasis in the Zoonotic Pathogen Streptococcus Suis”byWang Qingjing, Associate Professor of Shulan International Medical College,“Process Optimization for the Rapid Production of Adenoviral Vectors for Clinical Trials in a Disposable Bioreactor System”byChen Keda, Associate Professor of Shulan International Medical College, and“Integrative Network Analysis Revealed Genetic Impact of Pyruvate Kinase L/R on Liver Disease”byLiu Zhengtao, Associate Professor of Shulan International Medical College; all of these were wonderful academic reports.

With the joint efforts of the leaders, experts and teachers and students ofpeercolleges and universities,alltheagendas oftheFourth Chinese-BelarusianYouth ForumHealth Promotion Sub-forumhave beensuccessfully completed. Through thecommunication atthis forum, experts and scholars expressedtheirthanksto Shuren Universityfor providing valuable opportunities tosharetheir research results andto communicate withand learn from each other. Teachers and studentsattendingonline and offlinemeetingsalsosaidtheybenefited a lot. This forum ended witha complete success,whichwasalsoa highly effective conference that promoted exchanges.