ZJSRU and Zhejiang Dilong New Material Co. Signed Strategic Corporation Agreement
Sun, Jul 25 2021 16:45 times

In order to improve the quality of ZJSRU as an application-oriented university and better serve the local economic construction of our province during the 14th Five-Year Plan period, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between ZJSRU and Zhejiang Dilong New Material Co, signed by Shiping Ye, Vice President of ZJSRU, and Jinlong Zhao, General Manager of Zhejiang Dilong New Material Co.

Attendees of the meeting were Lin Kai, Director of R&D Department and Hongjiang Liu, Director of HR Department of Dilong; Jinbiao Jin, Director of Research and Social Cooperation Department, Wan Guowei, Deputy Director, Chao Han, Deputy Dean of School of Biological and Environmental Engineering, and over 10 other people including teachers of relevant majors at ZJSRU: Shenghua Duan, Lili Jiang and Xiangen Lin.

The signing ceremony was hosted by Jinbiao Jin. Firstly, Vice President Shiping Ye delivered a speech on behalf of the university, stating that the university attaches great importance to the strategic cooperation with Dilong, and that the advantages of both sides should be brought into play to solve issues with bottlenecking in talent training, technological upgrades and management science in running the enterprise.

General Manager Jinlong Zhao strongly affirmed these points and stated that he would like to take the opportunity to strengthen the cooperation between the two sides in depth and borrow the intellectual advantages of the university to solve the disadvantages in the process of transformating and improving the enterprise, such as talent requirement, technological upgrades and management; and hoped that more people from ZJSRU would participate in the development of Dilong.

Later, the two sides carried out an agreement signing ceremony, with the participants witnessing the process together.