Paper Published in One Earth by Associate Researcher Liqiang Wang from the Interdisciplinary Research Academy, Revealing China's Potentially Significant Air-quality Benefits with a Large-scale Transition to Electric Vehicles
Mon, Aug 16 2021 16:41 times

Associate Researcher Liqiang Wang, from the Interdisciplinary Research Academy , published a paper titled Switching to electric vehicles can lead to significant reductions of PM2.5 and NO2 across China, revealing that large-scale transition to electric vehicles in China can lead to significant reductions in PM2.5 and NO2 concentrations in most regions.

The research was funded by the National Research Programme on Key Issues of Air Pollution Control hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Since the summer working meeting at Zhejiang Shuren University in 2020, the university has put forward the development path of "prioritise discipline construction, improve the university", the university has been gathering and attracting unique and advantageous disciplines from both within and outside the university, and has therefore established the Interdisciplinary Research Academy . Based on the Zhejiang Shuren University Super Micro Mass Research Centre, the university has established the Zhejiang Shuren University Pollution Exposure and Health Intervention Technology Research Laboratory that integrates environmental science, food science, medical science, information science and other disciplines.

After the establishment of the Interdisciplinary Research Academy, it has made great efforts to build a good atmosphere to attract talented people; organised four innovation forums for young scholars and brought in over 20 young and middle-aged research talents. Furthermore, the team has published nearly ten SCI papers, including internationally influential Journals Environmental Science & Technology, Environmental Pollution and Journal of Hazardous Substances, with Associate Researcher Chenyang Ji, Associate Researcher Shanshan Yin and Researcher Shao-Ting Du credited as contributing authors. The establishment of the Interdisciplinary Research Academy and the University's Key Laboratory will lead to a series of innovative interdisciplinary research that will: produce key scientific and technological breakthroughs; remove limitations in the development of environmental and health research; promote and lead basic and applied basic research within the field of environment and health; and finally establish Shuren University in the field of environment and public health by providing scientific references for policy decision-making and academic development related to environment and public health.