The 15th Zhejiang University Student Chemical Industry Design Competition, The Huayi Cup 2021, was Successfully Concluded in ZJSRU
Fri, Jul 30 2021 16:39 times

The closing ceremony was hosted by Han Chao, Deputy Dean of ZJSRU’s School of Biological and Environmental Engineering.

After two days of fierce competition: 12 first prizes, 21 second prizes and 12 individual prizes were ultimately awarded.

The team Climb to the Top - comprised of: Wei Jiahui, Zhang Jin, Zheng Chunwei, Wang Linyi and Xie Wenna, with the guidance of: Qiao Jun, Sun Nabo, Yu Zuolong, Zheng Kai and Zhu Dancheng - won first prize for the second consecutive year.

The team Smart Life of Chemical Industry Design, consisting of: Jin Huiye, Shao Xuan, Li Tingting, Xin Jiayi and Zhu Jiefan, won third prize under the guidance of Zheng Kai, Yu Zuolong, Zhu Dancheng and Qiao Jun.

As the competition’s organiser and host, Zhejiang Shuren University's meticulous and thoughtful arrangements, along with their welcoming services, were very well received by the participating teachers, students, judges and the competition committee. Consequently, the university’s competition was presented with the award for Outstanding Organisation Award, rewarding their  hard work and diligence over the organisation proceedings.