Zhejiang Shuren University Successfully Held 2021 “Keqiao Scholars” Innovation Forum and A Trip for Doctors from Home and Abroad to Keqiao
Thu, Jul 1 2021 08:23 times

On June 29, the 2021 Keqiao Scholars Innovation Forum and A Trip for Doctors From Home and Abroad to Keqiao was held at Zhejiang Shuren University. President Li Lu, and The Secretary of the Party Committee Zhang Qing, District Mayor and Deputy Secretary of the Keqiao District CPC Committee of Shaoxing City Chen Hao, and the Deputy District Mayor of Keqiao Ma Yizhong attended the main forum.

Nearly a hundred people, including heads of relevant university departments, the main leaders of relevant schools and teachers' representatives, the heads of relevant departments of Keqiao District, representatives of high-level talents, business representatives and young scholars in Keqiao District attended this forum.

This activity was hosted by Chen Jun, Vice President of Shuren University.

The signing ceremony for the recruitment of talent, the university-enterprise cooperation, and the appointment of guest professors was held in the main forum. In the sub-forums, the heads of the schools, core-teachers and scholars were given the opportunity to communicate on subject platforms, scientific research and other content, with scholars invited to give special academic reports.

The Keqiao Scholars Innovation Forum has not only built a platform for academic exchange and an achievement ceremony for scholars, it has also presented scholars with the sincerity and strength of Keqiao District and Shuren University in attracting talents. The university actively integrates itself into Keqiao Disctrict and Shaoxing City, and attracts highly aspirational talents to join Shuren University and settle down in Keqiao.