ZJSRU Held the 3rd China-Belarus Youth Forum in Minsk
Mon, Apr 29 2019 10:34 times

According to requirements regarding“upholding the Belarusian Education Year”by The Ministry of Education and the agreement reached between both parties at the beginning of the year, the 3rdChina-Belarus Youth Forumwas jointly held by Belarusian State University, Zhejiang Shuren University, Belarusian Representative office of the United Nations Development Program and Department of Chemistry and Earth Sciences of Belarusian Academy of Sciences was held in Minsk. It was the first academic forum held by our university in a foreign country. Xu Xuqing and Ye Shiping - Presidentand Vice-president,of Shuren University, travelled to Belarusian State University to organise the forum.

Principals of departments such as the Administration Office of the university, International Exchange and Cooperation Department, Scientific Research Department and the Youth League committee, some teachers and students of School of Information Science and Technology and School of Biology and Environmental Engineering, representatives of Keqiao District Government and representatives of university-enterprise cooperation units attended the forum. The forum was organised with the theme ofCelebrating the 150 Anniversary of The Mendeleev Chemical Periodic Table.In total, over 100 people participated in the forum, including governmental representatives of both sides, The Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, universities and enterprises from both sides. The forum was held by Professor Xu Xuqing - President of our university, and Professor Andre - President of Belarusian State University.

During the Forum, President Andre from Belarusian State University led principals of related departments to meet with President Xu Xuqing and his colleagues. President Andre recalled the cooperation history between two universities, and expected further profound cooperation in the future. President Andre made a warm speech at the opening ceremony of the forum, and highly praised the achievements made during the cooperation between both universities during recent years. He wished that young scholars from the two universities can work together when faced with issues such as global environment problems, to reach interdisciplinary achievements by means such as forums.