​Grassroots Governance in Zhejiang and Macao Will be Promoted Through the Three-party Cooperation among Government, University and Enterprise
Sat, Dec 3 2022 16:51 times


The signing of this memo is the beginning of our cooperation; I believe there will be more achievements in the future. Just like the cup of tea we drink today, it brings a lot of sweet aftertaste, and becomes sweeter and sweeter! On Nov. 3, At our International Tea Culture Training Center, President Li Lu signed the Memorandum of Cooperation on Grassroots Governance in Zhejiang and Macao under the Background of One Country, Two Systems with Ng Siu Lai, Chairperson of the General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macao, and Xu Xiaowei, Chairperson of Qicai Culture and Technology Group, with a view to providing smart solutions and experience in talent training and community services for grassroots governance in Zhejiang and Macao.


Li Lu said improving the social governance system was an important part in the report of the Party's 20 National Congress to promote the modernization of national security system and capability. In this three-party cooperation, we will combine the successful experience accumulated in the aging community governance of Macao, the innovative practice of Qicai Culture and Technology Group in the information-based community governance with the corresponding majors of our university, such as medicine, nursing and home economics, providing an important platform for training application-oriented talents more in line with the needs of society, and will make contributions to the realization of common prosperity with Chinese characteristics and provincial modernization in the high-quality development of Zhejiang Province.

Ng Siu Lai expressed that she was honored to participate in the signing of this memo and cooperation, and hoped to rely on this platform to train more community work talents, and welcomed everyone to go to Macau for research and study. Xu Xiaowei expected that with the signing of this MOU as the starting point, the three parties would establish a long-term cooperation mechanism and continue to discuss the development of community governance practice.

Before the signing ceremony, Ng Siu Lai, and Xu Xiaowei, accompanied by Li Lu, visited Ho Tin Library, the lakeside walkway, and the International Tea Culture Training Center of our university, learned about the "time story" of Ho Tin Library and the "ancient and modern inheritance" of tea culture, tasted the low-sugar matcha independently developed by teachers and students of our university, and watched the tea art performance.