Tsim Yiu Leung, Chairman of Tsim's Company Limited, and His Wife Visited Our University
Tue, Dec 6 2022 15:59 times


On November 26, 2022, President Li Lu warmly received Mr. Tsim Yiu Leung and his wife Ms Tsim. Mr. Tsim is the member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC of Zhejiang Province, Vice Chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice President of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Permanent Honorary President of Hong Kong Zhejiang Native Association, Chairman of Tsim's Company Limited in Hong Kong, Chairman of Yaoda Group Co., Ltd. The leaders from the President's Office, the Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs, the Library, and the Interdisciplinary Research Academy attended the reception.


Accompanied by President Li Lu, Mr. and Mrs. Tsim visited the library of CPPCC members and the Interdisciplinary Research Academy, listened to the introduction of the basic situation and future development ideas about the university, and highly appreciated the achievements of our university in recent years, and wished the university success in applying for the master's degree programs, to achieve the goal of "famous university that is non-government funded" as soon as possible, and to make new contributions to the strategy of reinvigorating the country through science and education and the realization of a great modern socialist country.



Li Lu warmly welcomed the arrival of Mr. And Mrs. Tsim and expressed his heartfelt admiration to Mr. And Mrs. Tsim and the Tsim family. He said that Mr. Tsim Yiu Leung always concerned about the motherland and was one of the first Hong Kong industrialists to invest in the mainland of China. Over the years, he has continued to travel in Zhejiang and Hong Kong and made a lot of contributions to the economic development of his hometown and the friendly exchanges between Zhejiang and Hong Kong. Particularly, during the past decade, the Tsim family has sponsored exchange visits to the mainland for primary and secondary school students from Hong Kong, promoting the teenagers in Hong Kong to understand the development of the country and love their motherland. 


President Li Lu presented to Mr. Tsim Yiu Leung a commemorative porcelain plate engraved with the landscape of Yangxunqiao Campus of our university, which symbolized the profound friendship between both parties. And he also looked forward to developing university-enterprise cooperation with Tsim's Company Limited.