Our University Held the Online Cooperation Meeting with Hong Kong Shue Yan University
Wed, Aug 31 2022 10:51 times

On the afternoon of August 5th, our university and Hong Kong Shue Yan University held an online cooperation meeting. The attendees of this meeting included the leaders of our university, including President Li Lu, Vice President Chen Xinmin, Executive Deputy Director Chen Zhi of Academic Committee, Director Jiang Wenjie of the Office of Academic Affairs, Director Jin Jinbiao of the Office of Scientific Research and Cooperation, Director Wang Yun and Deputy Director Wu Ronglan from the Office of International Affairs, Deputy Dean Gao Mengli of the School of Management, and the senior management from Hong Kong Shue Yan University, including Executive Deputy Chancellor Hu Huaizhong, Chief Vice President Sun Tianlun, Academic Vice President Chen Qian, and Administrative Vice President Zhang Shaoqiang.

At first, President Li Lu delivered a speech. In his speech, Li Lu reviewed the profound friendship and the history of mutual exchanges between both universities. These two universities visited each other in 1986 and 1990 respectively. Hu Honglie, Chairman of Shue Yan College at that time, said when we parted: "Shuren University has lofty ideals in running a university. With concerted efforts and hard work, it will be able to create a bright future and make contributions to the country and society." Li Lu also talked about his deep friendship with Chancellor Hu Honglie established in his 8 years working period in Hong Kong, and the exchanges with Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

In 1986, Wang Jiayang (third from left), Chairman of Zhejiang Shuren University, and others visited Hong Kong Shue Yan College and took a group photo with Chairman Hu Honglie (second from left).

In 1990, Chairman Hu Honglie (third from right) of Hong Kong Shue Yan College visited Zhejiang Shuren University.

In 2011, President Li Lu (left) paid a call on Chancellor Hu Honglie (right) of Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

In 2019, Li Lu took the group photo with Chancellor Hu Honglie (first from right in the front row) and Executive Deputy Chancellor Hu Huaizhong (first from right in the back row) and bid farewell to them.

Li Lu pointed out in his speech that, on its 51st anniversary, Hong Kong Shue Yan University, as the first private university in Hong Kong, had become a famous university with complete higher education level of undergraduate, master and doctor programs. And then, Li Lu shared the achievements and construction goals of Shuren University with the fellows of Shue Yan University. He pointed out that both universities had always adhered to the concept of "educating people", staying true to their original aspiration and persisting in running high-quality universities. And as privately-run universities, they both had the common experience of being closer to the people, feeling the needs of the people, doing what the people want, and being useful to society. He suggested that both universities should further strengthen exchanges, learn from each other, carry out substantive cooperation in the co-organization of undergraduate and master education programs, and the studies of civilian-run (private) colleges and universities across the strait and in four regions, and work together to contribute to the development of higher education in Zhejiang and Hong Kong.

Executive Deputy Chancellor Hu Huaizhong strongly agreed with President Li Lu's speech and said that Shue Yan looked forward to a deeper and broader cooperation with Shuren. And then, Vice President Chen Xinmin explained the plan of our university to cooperate with Hong Kong Shue Yan University for the major of financial management based on big data and intelligent business. The attendees had a full discussion on relevant issues. Both parties reached an agreement on cooperation in undergraduate education programs and postgraduate courses, and jointly leading the establishment of the research alliance of private colleges and universities in four regions across the strait.