ZJSRU and Sehan University Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation and a Master and Doctoral Cooperation Agreement
Wed, Nov 24 2021 09:55 times

In the afternoon of November 24th, an online signing ceremony was held between ZJSRU and Sehan University in 312 Administration Building. President Li Lu, Executive Director of Academic Committee Chen Zhi, Dean of the School of Humanities and Foreign Languages Li Jianliang, Director of the International Affairs Office Wang Yun, Deputy Director of the Human Resource Office Li Zhong, Deputy Director of the International Affairs Office Wu Ronglan, Korean language teacher Hu Jie, as well as President of Sehan University Lee Seung Hun, Vice President Park Chul Ha, Director of the University Affairs Office Jung Hoi In, Dean of the Graduate School, Dean of the School of International Exchange Shim Jaeyeon and Vice Dean of the School of International Exchange Liao Xuan attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Lu first reviewed the history of exchange and cooperation between ZJSRU and Sehan University. He pointed out that Sehan University (formerly known as Daebul University) was the first Korean university to sign a memorandum of cooperation with ZJSRU. Since 2002, the two universities have established friendly relations for nearly 20 years, and both sides have successfully carried out activities such as inter-university visits, teacher training, student exchanges, professional development, academic exchange and teacher training. In particular, ZJSRU received strong support from Sehan University in the establishment of the Korean (hangugeo) language programme (then as Korean-chosonmal language programme) in 2003. Li Lu then introduced the recent development of ZJSRU from various aspects, such as the scale of ZJSRU, its achievements, students’ competition results, the construction of university-level research institutions and platforms, and the construction of academic disciplines. At the same time, he also fully analysed the respective advantages and potential for cooperation between the two universities in dealing with the pandemic, the aging population and social and public services, and proposed that the two universities should develop substantial cooperation in the fields of nursing, rehabilitation and social welfare, as well as other professional fields, and learn from the Korean experience to enhance the internationalisation of ZJSRU in talent training, scientific research cooperation and social services. During COVID-19, the two universities can first communicate through online meetings, and prepare for the offline exchanges after COVID-19. Professors from Sehan University are welcome to come to our university for guidance.


The President of Sehan University, Mr Lee Seung-hoon, thanked President Li Lu for his support and recognition of the exchange between the two universities, as the friendship between ZJSRU and Sehan has gone far beyond the ordinary inter-university friendship. He said that he strongly agreed with President Li Lu's proposal to emphasise substantive cooperation, and that substantive exchange was a new chapter in the exchange between the two universities. Despite the impact of the epidemic, which has inconvenienced international exchanges, meetings and online communications have become the norm, and he looks forward to the face-to-face conversations and the implementation of all exchanges and cooperation after the epidemic is over. China is the country he would most like to visit and he looks forward to meeting with President Li Lu in Hangzhou and Shaoxing.


       During the meeting, participants from both sides discussed information-sharing between professors, academic exchange, faculty enhancement and joint research in the field of recreation and health. Finally, President Li Lu and President Lee Seung-hoon signed a memorandum of cooperation and a master's degree cooperation agreement between the two universities.


Sehan University has 22 undergraduate programs, 14 master's programs and 8 doctoral programs, and was rated No. 1 by the Korean Ministry of Education in 2008 in the field of internationalised education. In 2016, the nursing major became recognised as an accredited university by the Korean Nursing Education Accreditation Assessment. Sehan University has been accredited by the Korean Ministry of Education in 2020 as an excellent university in the field of internationalisation and has been selected by the Korean Ministry of Education as a special university in the field of internationalisation related to China.