CIH International Curriculum Accreditation Meeting for Property Management Major of Our School of Management Was Held Successfully
Fri, Oct 14 2022 09:58 times


In order to learn from and introduce the experience of our peers in domestic and overseas universities, optimize the curriculum design of our property management major, and perfect the talent training programs, promote the internationalization of the professional curriculum, improve the visibility and influence inside and outside the country, and enhance the professional awareness of students and parents, our department has started to organize the application for CIH International Curriculum Accreditation since May 2021. At present, overseas institutions of higher education which have established property management majors, especially in British Commonwealth countries, are required to participate in CIH International Curriculum Accreditation. On Sep. 16, 2022, the expert panel from the Expert Committee of China Center for Learning and Accreditation of Chartered Institute of Housing (UK), including Ms. Agnes FA (fellowship of CIH), Mr. Stephen LAU (CIH chartered membership), and Mr. Liu Guangzjhong (CIH chartered membership), arrived at our university to check the curriculum systems of the property management major of the School of Management on site based on previous examination and certification in written form. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Ye Zhixiao, Director of the Department of Property Management. Professor Yan Hong, Dean of the School of Management, attended the meeting. Yan Hong hoped that through this professional accreditation meeting, the talent training program of the property management major would be further improved and geared to international standards, and the property management professionals trained by the School would be more favored by enterprises and society. After the on-site verification and defense, the CIH expert panel gave a "satisfactory" verification and assessment result. The international accreditation and the continuous cooperation and exchange in future will provide powerful support for the orientation, discipline construction and scientific research of property management major of our university to broaden international perspective.




With the support of Dean Yan Hong and the leadership team of the School, all faculty members of the Department of Property Management unanimously agreed to apply for the international accreditation for the major of property management. The application was officially launched in August 2021, and after many rounds of communication and negotiation with CIH's mainland headquarters, the application for accreditation was formally submitted to CIH in January 2022. After the division of responsibilities and coordination of all teachers in the Department of Property Management and the assistance of relevant departments, the complete set of certification documents of curriculum accreditation system in both Chinese and English were submitted in April 2022, the review on these written application documents by CIH headquarters successfully was completed in June 2022, and our university got a high score of 93.51. The completion of this on-site verification marks that the faculty team of the curriculum system of property management has made substantial progress towards CIH's authoritative accreditation, and our property management program will officially become a CIH accredited program after submission to CIH headquarters in the UK for approval and filing.

Our university will also become the first institution of higher learning passing CIH International Accreditation since the establishment of CIH China Center for Learning and Accreditation in May 2021. At the same time, students studying in this major will be able to apply for the free "CIH Student Membership (CIHM)" through their departments organization, and share the document literature of property management provided by CIH globally, which will provide convenience for students to obtain the occupational qualification of property manager, and lay a higher foundation for students to become CIH certified members directly after graduation.