The Micro Film Competition of the School of Management was Held Successfully
Wed, May 11 2022 11:19 times

Recently, the First "Shining Youth" Micro Film Competition hosted by the School of Management came to a successful conclusion. At the finals, the representatives of teachers and students witnessed the creation of the awards of the competition.

The works collected in this micro film festival were divided into six categories, namely safety education, dormitory life, youth dream and inspiration, uniting and cooperating to fight the epidemic, environmental protection, and red culture publicity. In the finals, there were two sections: micro-film evaluation and on-site reporting.

The micro films shortlisted in this competition have novel and wide-ranging themes. The short film Dream profoundly tells how to make the right choice in the face of the torture of human nature when we are at a fork in the road in life; The Infernal Affairs During the Lockdown of Campus tells us how to deal with the epidemic with the correct attitude in a ridiculous and funny style. And through the camera lens, it also shows the social responsibility of contemporary college students; Alarm AIDS You calls on students to take off their colored glasses and care for AIDS patients. These micro films have left us more space to think, aroused our thinking about human nature, our understanding of our own responsibility, the choice of correct values, and our ideas and practices for promoting and inheriting traditional culture. They are not only micro films, but also the microcosm of our life; they not only present the contents of the film, but also show a spirit that allows us to learn and grow from the films.