University and Enterprise Cooperate for Win-win Development and Embark on New Path
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On the morning of February 25th, the signing ceremony of the university-enterprise strategic cooperation between the School of Management and Gemdale Smart Service Group Zhejiang Regional Company was held in the headquarters of the Zhejiang Regional Company. A total of 14 people attended the signing ceremony, including Prof. Yan Hong, Dean of the School of Management, and Dr. Ye Zhixiao, Academic Director of the Department of Property Management, Mr. Tao Yanan, Deputy General Manager of Gemdale Smart Service Group Zhejiang Regional Company, Mr. Tan Yanjun, Deputy General Manager, and Ms. He Huailei, Director of Human Resources Administration Department and Director of Operation Management Department, and related accompanying persons.

Signing Ceremony

At the meeting, Ms. He Huailei introduced the development history of Gemdale Smart Service Group and Zhejiang Company, and explained the specific training plan and development path of the company's gold medal students. Professor Yan Hong introduced the development history of our university and the School of Management and the basic situation of the construction of various majors. He pointed out that Zhejiang Shuren University, as the first and only university in Zhejiang Province to offer undergraduate education in property management, aims to train the "inter-disciplinary, applied and innovative" senior management talents who adapt to the development need of modern market economy, have higher ideological quality, and master basic theoretical knowledge, basic methods and practical skills in management, psychology, and construction engineering, urban landscaping, community management and public health, have diversified management awareness, entrepreneurial innovation ability and self-learning and development ability, and are qualified to engage in property management work. At present, our university has established cooperative relationship with more than 20 well-known property companies in Hangzhou, and signed agreements on university-enterprise cooperation strategies with leading companies or professional enterprises in the industry. They warmly welcome our students to join their enterprises for work or internships. At the same time, the university steps up efforts to introduce and train talents, and gradually forms a doctoral teaching and research team mainly composed of young and middle-aged people with certain influence in the field of property management.

【Representatives from both parties communicated with each other in depth】

The leaders of both parties communicated about university-enterprise cooperation in depth, and held the signing and name board awarding ceremony. Both parties believed that university and the enterprise complement each other's advantages and share resources. The company has business covering most cities across the country, is able to offer nationwide internship and employment opportunities for students majoring in property management in universities, provide corporate resources for relevant textbooks, monographs and standard formulation, and would jointly create a talent training system that combines learning with working and integrates incentive mechanisms into internship and practice to further deepen the integration of industry and education. Cai Zhanning, Chairman of Gemdale Smart Service Group, highly affirmed this university-enterprise cooperation, emphasizing "let the best people train better people", and looked forward to a bright future!

【Signatory Representatives】

Name Board Awarding Ceremony