Work Together to Create the Future – School of Management Held Meeting of Teachers and Staffs at Term End and Welcome Meeting for Teachers of Public Management Specialty
Tue, Jul 7 2020 20:50 times

The meeting of all the teachers and staffs of School of Management was held at Floor 6 of the Administration Building in the afternoon of July 7. Wang Jun, deputy secretary of the party committee of the university, Zhou Chaocheng, head of the Personnel Department, Chen Weizhe, dean of Shulan International Medical College, and ShenQiujiang, secretary of the party committee, were invited to the meeting, to hold grand welcome meeting for all the teachers of the teaching and research office of the Public Management Specialty.

The meeting was divided into two stages. The ceremony of the first stage was hosted by Wu Junjie, vice-dean of our College. He compared “joining of the Public Management Specialty into the family of the School of Management as taking a wife” humorously, and invited the “wife’s family” to give feeling happily. According to Dean Chen Weizhe, at present, the university is accelerating the construction as a top private university and standardizes discipline arrangement, to form the new pattern of common efforts by all disciplines led by medicine, conservation, nursing and management disciplines. Although it is loath to leave, the “relative by marriage” is a schoolwith contest and energy. The Public Management Specialty is merged into the School of Management, to further improve discipline and specialty construction, and there will be better discipline resources, with better development. According to him, Shulan International Medical College will further strengthen cooperation with the School of Management, to devote to thedevelopment of the school.

Brilliant policies and delicate services provided by the Department of Personnel are required for adjustment on specialties. Professor Zhou Chaocheng, head of Department of Personnel of the university, the leader of the Public Management Specialty, showed thanks to the vigorous support provided by Shulan International Medical College. According to Zhou Chaocheng, on the perspective of discipline construction and development strategies, it is necessary to merge the Public Management Specialty into the School of Management, to meet demands on discipline development. At the same time, he wishes that all the teachers of Public Management Specialty can adjust orientation and make career planning around discipline construction in time, to make contributions to development of the university and the College. Dr. Tao Fangming, a representative of teachers of the Public Management Specialty, showed thanks to the grand ceremony held by the two Colleges. According to Tao Fangming, he will work together with all the teachers of the School of Management to provide services to the center of the College.

During the second stage of the meeting, the administrative group of the university reported profiles of the semester as per their own works. Secretary Chen Youyin analyzed the epidemic disease control situation at home and abroad and conveyed the spirit of the latest document of the university, to require all the teachers to lay emphasis on epidemic disease control, especially in summer vacation. Deputy secretary Zhao Yinyin showed thanks to support and efforts of all the teachers on student management during the epidemic period, and made arrangement for affairs related to term end, discipline contest during summer vacation and employment of 2020 graduates. Deputy Dead GaoMengli affirmed teachers’ performance in online teaching and finishing teaching tasks of the semester by overcoming various difficulties during epidemic period, and emphasized on grade exam, laboratory construction, quality control feedback, material archive and 3-in-1 interview. Dean Wu Junjie summarized all works of the College in this semester in a comprehensive way, and made arrangement for works of the summer vacation and the next semester. At the same time, Dean Wu Junjie proposed forward-looking imagination on development of the College and discipline construction plans. Besides, Dean Wu Junjie arranged summer vacation homework for all the teachers of the College at the meeting: Each teacher was required to propose his/her own opinion on the “14thfive-year-plan” on College development and discipline construction around the three dimensionalities proposed by President Li Lu when he investigated in the works of the university.

Secretary Wang Jun gave a speech at the end of the meeting. According to Wang Jun, it was very necessary and significant for the School of Management to hold the meeting on such a day, to remind the revolution martyrs of the “July 7thIncident” and carry forward the anti-Japanese war spirit. According to Wang Jun, both the adjustment on the Public Management Specialty and the construction of two campuses in one university declared the new pattern in overall construction of the university. Although the epidemic condition disrupted working rhythm and caused various types of difficulties, various works of the College were conducted smoothly with the leading of the party committee of the university. The four leaders also analyzed various types of problems. With respect to control of epidemic conditions, overall construction of the campuses, the 14thfive-year-plan and the enrollment works, Secretary Wang give his opinion. Finally, he proposed his three wishes to all the teachers and staffs: Firstly, bear safety in mind, and make sure to pay attention to personal and property safety; secondly, pay attention to all related works, especially moving of the College and scientific research and contests during the vacation; thirdly, make physical and mental adjustment, to contribute to works of the center of the university with the best state.