The Marketing Specialty Won the Zhejiang the“13th Five-year Plan”Advantaged Specialty Program of Higher Education
Mon, Dec 19 2016 20:48 times

According to Zhejiang Education Higher No.〔2016〕164 notification, Professor Wu Junjie of the Institute of Management of our university was selected as the “13thfive-year-plan advantageous specialty construction project of universities and schools of Zhejiang. The project was submitted by the university, assessed by experts, and approved by provincial Ministry of Education, and was finally awarded as 150 the “13thfive-year-plan” advantageous specialty construction projects of higher education in Zhejiang including China Academy of Art.

In order to establish the central position of talent cultivation, combine operation orientation and discipline characteristics, pay attention to innovation development, optimize talent cultivation scheme, promote compete improvement on talent cultivation standard, accelerate forming and strengthening the leading advantages in the specialties of the same layer and type in and out of Zhejiang, and lead reforms and construction of other specialties of the university and related specialties in other universities and colleges,Notification on Development of “the 13thFive-year Plan” Advantageous Specialty Construction in Universities and Colleges by Zhejiang Ministry of Education(Zhejiang Higher Education No. [2016] 106) was released by Ministry of Education at the beginning of this semester, to select advantageous specialty construction projects in ordinary colleges and universities. The Department of Academic Affairs of our university organized selection works, and determined the recommend 5 specialties including Marketing to declare for the provincial “13thfive-year plan” advantageous specialty construction project based on the opinions from the advantageous specialty construction project review.

The project was organized by the Institute of Management. Professor Ye Shiping, the vice president, and all the leaders of the Department of Academic Affairs, gave multiple instructions to declaration of advantageous specialties since the declaration work began, and gave detailed instruction on improving connotation, concluding advantages and arranging materials. At the same time, under the leading of Professor Wu Junjie, the principal, the project group overcame difficulties in limited time and insufficient materials. Members of the project group worked overtime at night and weekends to discuss on the construction scheme, compile the declaration, prepare supporting materials and repeat deliberation of declaration materials. The specialty was finally selected into the advantageous specialties with joint efforts of the whole team.

It was reported that the Marketing Specialty of the Institute of Management developed a series of teaching reforms around issues of “the way to operate the specialty”, “the way to cultivate talents” and “the way to guarantee talent cultivation” based on the provincial “the 12thfive-year-plan” “applied economics” key discipline, provincial “the 13thfive-year-plan” top discipline (B), Zhejiang “the 13thfive-year-plan” key specialty business administration and Zhejiang college student (Management) practice and education base project, to made favorable construction achievements. Especially, the “Redrock mode” started a new road for specialty operation. Based on the background of “industry-education integration and university-enterprise cooperation”, it takes benefits of “services to enterprises, the society and enterprise culture” into considerations, to construct “benefit community between universities and enterprises” with the orientation of cooperation for talent cultivation. It reflects “the subject of enterprises and the leadership of universities” on organization structure and system design, to construct the talent cultivation orientation of “marketing managers with industry characteristics who change intentions of superiors into team performance” and the talent cultivation objective of “laying emphasis on scientific principles, integrating into the industry, serving for demands and strengthening application”. In addition, the “director responsibility system with the leadership of the university-industry cooperation committee” is implemented during operation, to ensure that enterprises can participate in the whole course of talent cultivation.

At present, according to the requirements from provincial Ministry of Education, the university, the Department of Academic Affairs and the Institute of Management will conclude the construction experience of the specialty, and will explore and innovate, and strengthen management and take the responsibilities in construction of the specialty, to cultivate senior applied talents with spirit of innovation, practical ability, sense of social responsibilities and employability.