A New Beginning, a New Journey and a New Stair – Opening of the Building of the School of Management
Mon, Apr 12 2021 20:45 times

School of Management was one of the five schools moved to Yangxunqiao Campus, and attention and vigorous support were provided to the school on hardware and cultural construction. After the construction and arrangement of two years, No. 1 Building of Shangde Park has been completed. In the morning of April 9, the laboratory and office building bearing wishes of more than 2000 teachers and students were opened officially. Zhang Qing, Secretary of the party committee of the university, Chen Jun, Vice-president of the university, and Song Bin, director of the General Administration Office of the University arrived at the site, to witness and celebrate the unveiling of the building together with members of the leaders of the school, director of the Teaching and Research Room, representatives of teachers and more than 100 students.


The opening ceremony was hosted by Liao Huayue, Secretary of the party committee of the school. He welcomed arriving of the leaders and guests and showed thanks to long-term guidance and care from leaders of the university. Before the grand office building, Liao Huayue introduced detailed conditions of the building. Both high-end and elegant experimental training platform and the comfortable and modern office conditions attracted teachers and students on the site, to make them intend to have a try.

After that, with the attention from all the people on the site, honored guests such as Zhang Qing, Chen Jun and Song Jun and representatives of teachers and students unveiled the building.


Dean Yan Hong gave enthusiastic speech in front of the brand-new copper plate of the school. He reviewed the history of the school emotionally: from East Zhoushan Road to Yangxun Bridge, from “three-no” conditions of no full-time management personnel, no full-time teachers and no fixed operation site to development after the establishment of the School of Management based on the 4 campuses in 2000, to the new historic development stage today with leading of discipline construction and improved quality and standard, all people of School of Management of many generations created the glory history of the school with continuous efforts. Yan Hong quoted the words from General Secretary Xi and encouraged students to “study hard by living up to youth, the era and time, to master knowledge and skills and establish correct world view, view of life and values, to lay a solid foundation for the life”, and inherit the spirit of hardworking and enterprising, so as to create more splendid future!


Finally, Cao Bin, deputy secretary of the party committee of the school, GaoMengli, vice dean of the school, and Wang Weijun, vice dean and deputy secretary of Shangde School, gave office keys to heads of the Teaching and Research Office of various specialties and administrative and teaching supervisors. All the teachers acquiring the new keys said they would make full use of the new offices, to cultivate more and better talents and make more achievements.


The opening ceremony of only 20 minutes gave a exciting and inspiring lesson about the history of the school for all the teachers and students of the school. The using of the new building indicated the moving of the School of Management to Yangxunqiao Campus, which was an important milestone in the history of the school. It indicated a new beginning, a new journey and a new step, and all the teachers and students of School of Management will take all efforts to achieve “promotion in quality with the leading of discipline construction”!