Our University and Green Town Service Group Signed a Contract to Establish the “Smart Estate School”
Thu, Apr 2 2020 20:40 times

Our university and Green Town Service Group signed the contract to establish the “Smart Estate School” on April 2, to jointly explore and implement the strategy of industry-education integration and construct the university-enterprise cooperation talent cultivation mechanism. This was a step in deepening connotations ofthe schooland promoting application demonstration of university construction. Xu Xuqing, president of the university, Zhang Qing, secretary of the party committee of the university, Ye Shiping, vice president, and Lu Guiqin, secretary of committee for discipline inspection, as well as some teachers and students ofSchoolof Management attended the signing ceremony.

Wu Zhihua, CEO of Green Town Service Group and dean ofGood LifeService School, placed great hopes on the cooperation, “It is expected that Smart Estate School can cultivate new-type service talents for the company, to provide fresh strength for the industry and make contributions to good life.” Secretary Zhang proposed “six jointly” wishes for the work of “Smart Estate School” in the future: the university and the enterprise can jointly construct the new-type governance method, jointly formulate talent cultivation scheme, jointly establish the teaching team, jointly implement education management, jointly build the industry-education-research base and jointly promote project development, to ensure to cultivate the “labor” quality of talents of Property Management Specialty when they studied in the university, so as to improve specialty construction connotation and talent cultivation quality.

President Xu Xuqing and Jin Keli, COO of Green Town Services and executive dean ofGood LifeService School, signed the framework agreement on behalf of both parties, and attended the award ceremony.

According to the agreement, “Smart Estate School” will explore the talents cultivation modes such as “1+3”, “2+2” and “3+1”, and will innovate teaching modes and the curriculum system. The university will work together with Green Town Services to innovate the talent cultivation modes and provide social services about training for professional managers of property services, to establish the “comprehensive property intelligent laboratory”, establish“Zhejiang Think Tank and Standard Innovation Center for Property Management”, and jointly establish the “Smart Estate School” with the mixed ownership. At the same time, both parties will integrate top industry standards into teaching with strict organization structure, to construct the industryschoolwith complementary advantages. In this way, theschoolwill be developed to aschoolof mixed ownership of the brand-new ecological chain mode in 2-3 years, to set a template for university-enterprise cooperation and industry-education integration.