School of Biology and Environmental Engineering
The School of Biology and Environmental Engineering was Invited to Attend the Seminar “Sviridov Readings” Held in Belarus
Fri, Apr 20 2018 17:37 times

As being invited by the Institute of Physical and Chemical Problems of Belarusian State University, Sun Nabo, Yu Jie and Wang Shilei from the School of Biology and Environmental Engineering of our university went to Minsk to attend the famous chemistry and chemistry education seminar in Belarus-"Sviridov Readings". At the seminar, Doctor Yu Jie made the academic report with the theme of Design and Synthesis of Pyrazole Amide Derivatives as Succinate Dehydrogenase Inhibitors.

After the meeting, the group visited the laboratories of the Departments of Chemistry and Biology of the Belarusian State University, and discussed with the Belarusian team of Professor Tatsiana Savitskaya on the compilation of theGreen Chemistry, the textbook of the international cooperation,and Chinese-Belarusian international curriculum cooperation. At the same time,both parties also communicatedon scientific research, curriculum cooperation, and textbook cooperation indepth, which further enhanced mutual understanding and laid the foundation for deepening the following Chinese-Belarusian cooperation.